jude hill spirit cloth

Happy Spring

woodpecker snack bar

through! I planted so many bulbs last fall, I have no idea...

what if I revisit un-dyeing?



The weather has warmed, though not  in any steady way, it is a relief to see  a little green.  Seems  a colder week is on the way.  This back and forth, we know it.  It has been a busy few days, and I have been  plagued with some sort of allergic reaction to a spider bite.  And have just been under the weather in general.  Still going, just a little more slowly.

Taxes are done, how I dislike paperwork, so that's good.

Some needed repair work being done here,  hard to focus on anything else. Yet still, always a little time for a little small cloth.  And a renewed interest in an old  discharge technique.  As I travel through the old blog, because there is so much buried there,  I always find myself asking What if I do this and What If I do that, or don't do that?

a new post in the zone...




  1. deemallon

    Back and forth here too. Definitely not yet time to put hat and gloves away yet. But the hyacinths are just peeking out of the soil. Yeah!

  2. Those woodpeckers are so funny. There is power pole that is so compromised with acorns, it should have fallen over!
    We were HOT today, may get rain next week. We’ll see.

  3. Jen

    After the storms, the world has turned green! (& yellow …dusted e erywhere– Ahhhchoooo!!)
    I’m in the middle of papers/taxes now 😜
    Lucky you to be done!

  4. The weather has cooled, but not in a steady way, sad to see boots and shoes where bare feet were what I wore just a while ago . . . occasionally though there is a bright warm spell, summer hanging around, reluctant to go.

  5. Jana

    Small spots of color that draw the eye and lift the heart. Small cloths doing the same. Life, movement, connection, possibilities singing out. Thank you, good day to you!

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