jude hill spirit cloth

what is it about looking?

just looking

I piled one thing upon an other

so he could look out the window, while I am sitting here,

as the sun rises, working on the computer.

what exactly is safe and open?

In preparation for a new season

I am immersed in a lot of looking.

Trying to see all the cloth work  everything

here as just beginnings, seeds.

So I might continue unfettered.


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Feeling a bit more at home here, so ok, let's get back to some content. Geez.


  1. What is it about high places? Gibson…oh my gosh does he want to be at the highest point. I saw him eyeing the blade on the fan the other day. No shelf in my house is safe right now.

    • jude

      i wish i could jump up to high places so easily. soul-o fell off a high shelf yesterday, and just landed on his feet. that would be handy too.

  2. sharon

    would love to catch soul-o’s thoughts… noticing how the screen creates a tiny grid over the view from the right side of the window. appears woven. would be lovely to recreate such a pattern on a loom. hmmm…

  3. Vi

    Yes…looking out and seeing the new..seeds and all…
    Never fails to feel like an adventure…
    Here Gul mohor trees start to spring back to life once more. That always says summer is nearing….not here but near.

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