jude hill spirit cloth

The endless in-between

clothwoven, patched with woven, woven and patched.

Time flies faster than ever as we age.  I keep looking. It is hard to believe that this coming spring will be our 3rd spring here. And yesterday I said see you on the other side.  I took this pic because I was just taking photos of what is still here.  I let a lot of  older work go this year.  It always feels good to know that it is appreciated, but then hard to say goodbye.  I think because of my habit of considering everything as in process.

As this season turns, the weaving thing is in all of my thoughts.  The thought of weave is woven in.  I think it is always there, because sewing is weaving really.  It is.  Maybe thinking too.

The snow is melting.  And we are very in between.  Not to mention distracted by all the goings on in the world,  I stare a lot,  just looking beyond what is all seems to be and imagining something else.   What it might be.   How it might go.


imagine weird music as you enter the zone...

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  1. Amy

    I had seen your beautiful weaving, and did some on my own to try it, not bothering to look at your videos beforehand, thinking “how much could there be to it to learn.” And mine turned out “good enough” Then I watched your videos……ha!…..who knew there was actual technique? Struggle less, weave more. Thanks, Jude!

  2. three seasons already? hard to believe. i thought for sure i would get that old loom going this past season but… didn’t. i want to weave moons…

  3. As you say, Jude, weaving is endlessly rich — not only as an art but also in metaphor & story! I gave away my 4- and 8-harness looms several years ago and am now weaving on a simple frame loom — much like the one on which I learned to weave in 2nd grade when we were learning about the Diné people of the SW. I feel happy returning to this basic tactile way of interlacing yarns.
    And your feelings of “inbetween” are so salient these days — in the weather, in the world! I am currently working with a woven mask [technique learned from wonderful Susan Barrett Merrill] which told me, several weeks ago, that she is a Spirit of The Betwixt and Between. Much to ponder!

    • jude

      i love the woven masks, how they rise up.

      yes the simpler weaving with fingers, so much connects me to “basket self”.

  4. Jana

    Weaving with your eyes closed. Interesting. In the past year, I’ve been doing parts of my Qi Gong practice with my eyes closed. I revert to body memory. Much more an internal experience.

    I love coming here. Here always takes me many other places. Thank you.

  5. Sewing is weaving . . . I like being aware of that. I think I (all of us) knew it subconsciously. All I know about weaving is warp, weft, over and under. I have done a very little using a 15″ pot-holder style loom I made. Have thought about making a 6′ (?) x ?? frame (not pot -holder style) for more uninformed play to use up yarn (I have too much), but I’ve never gotten to it — yet.

  6. Marianne Whitehouse

    Long time follower but never a commenter. Returned to weaving after 30+ years of quilting and my 4 harness loom did not forget my touch.

    • jude

      Well thank you for chiming in! I can’t decide where to start, but thoughts are taking over. I am considering rigging up a tapesty loom out on the porch.

  7. sharon

    how a photograph allows us to witness, share, a present moment. how a spider uses its entire being to weave its home. what that must feel like. from the inside out.

  8. Velma Bolyard

    i love how you organize things with vocabulary you reconfigure for your needs. weaver. my mother’s birth name was weaver. i remember seeing the loom room, the weaving studio, at school. i fell in love with those tools and HAD to learn. now i weave on a harnessless stump, mostly. i know you know this, but this web is intense and important and there you are making it more beautiful and useful.

  9. Luna

    Sewing is weaving! Of course. I never thought of it that way. I seem to be daydreaming a lot. Letting things process.

  10. Becky McQueen

    Thank you for giving me the reason to slow my mind, stop the worry that I have incorporated into my daily life for years.

    • jude

      I guess I can understand if your life or livelihood depends on it but really, I am just glad to be continuing with a little evidence of having been going. And the chance to keep at it.

  11. jeri

    I’m doing a lot of staring and wondering myself. I could sit there for hours… Imagining. Dreaming of better days to come. I hope they will.

  12. Jen

    Gazing outward, gazing inward; so important to the process. The process of creativity, the process of living, the process of going…. I spend much of my time in this activity.
    (& then there’s what we call; ” the early morning stares” 😅🤣
    Love the weavings, Jude…I really want to get to that, but am wholly ’embedded’ in working in the gardens, ha!

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