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The Going Continues

mark making

just going

This is interesting isn't it?

This picture of bird tracks on the deck, markings on a thin layer of snow.  (we definitely learn about layers from nature, this thoughtjust another layer,  maybe the nature of thought itself)  How those tracks crossover the "built" lines of the structure. The contrast of goings.  The drawing here revised a bit from an earlier drawing as I tried to put my goings in perspective.  The path  surrounded, maybe becoming ,more of a tangle, But still a going. Is perspective itself, simply a kind of mapping?

I am inspired to create something like this . In Cloth, maybe conceptually rather than literally. I sit with that thought today.  Even though I have other things to do.  Just catching that thought here today will help me remember.

forever zone

I rotated the picture, just to see.

a different perspective

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  1. Kirsten

    Love bird tracks and rabbit tracks in the snow! During our last snow I saw crow tracks that circled a tree which cracked me up. Not sure what they were looking for in 4 inches of snow!!!
    Bird tracks remind me of stitching on crazy quilts.
    Speaking of crows, I just now tossed some stale bread outside for whoever wanted it. I caught several crows stuffing at least four pieces in their beaks. It was too funny to see a crow doing that (picking up a piece and then another).

    • jude

      oh yes, crazy quilt stitches!
      bluejays do that, pick up multiple peanuts, hilarious watching them, sometimes replacing a smaller one with a bigger one.

  2. The beautiful photo & thoughts about path and going reminded me of a poem by Antonio Machado:

    Traveler, your footprints
    Are the path and nothing more;
    Traveler, there is no path,
    The path is made by walking.
    By walking the path is made
    And when you look back
    You’ll see a road
    Never to be trodden again.
    Traveler, there is no path,
    Only trails across the sea.

  3. jeri

    Perspective and how it’s really about what’s on your mind at the moment of impact that creates your own perspective. I saw the tracks as going in circles, back and forth over the same line… backing up and going over the same place. Rethinking something… Am I going in the right direction? Am I? Time will tell.

  4. sharon

    an overlay of 2 perspectives of a thing. what that might look like. where they intersect… love how the bird tracks seem to fade in ‘n out, like disappearing in time.

    • Helen Lee

      Oh! A flock of Starlings visited our garden this morning. We were so happy to see them…first time in 5 years living here. They were a fixture in our old garden. What lovely tracks they would have left had we had snow…

  5. bird tracks in the snow are so delightful – the sense that we leave a path/trail behind us (because I spend so much time thinking about the path ahead, it’s always a refreshing reframe)

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