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no talking, just thinking of doing this as patchwork.

I feel calmer days coming.  Settling in. OK.  Thanks for your patience.

(If your name is Luna and you tried to contact me yesterday.  I could not respond, your email says invalid. Maybe you typed it wrong and you can try again.) 


  1. I have lots of dried figs from my tree and tart cherry juice is good for gout, which my husband has from time to time – I am definitely going to try this. Thanks so much for that tip!

  2. In regards to your new and ongoing organization, I think I am getting the hang of it too! I just have to remember that Feel Free is now the blog too. That quiet observation is important, eh? It is hard to imagine rain soaked squishy earth!

  3. Okay, I am trying that with the cherry juice. 🙂 I bought a bottle once because I love sour cherries. I eat them by the handful. But oh that juice is sour!

  4. Helen Lee

    Oh Soul-O 😃
    Not posting too much at all…loving opening each one…it’s like an advent calendar 💙 and just as exciting 💙
    The layout is really coming together…simple to negotiate.
    I love that you are leaving the dead trees…they are so vital for the ecosystem. I read a book ‘Wilding’, where they did this. So good.

  5. CJ

    I chuckled and visioned Soul O mud bathing. Picked many a tart cherry in MI and wanted to try fresh figs forever. Both so good for you. Kuddos on the eco system. Sure plenty going on beneath it all. Lovely! Amazing job you’re doing here. 🤗

  6. Well, I’m very excited about the figs in tart cherry juice! I have the first but not the juice, so will get some. Yes it’s still February. Hard to remember when the day is so warm like today was. Your posts about settling down settle me down 🙂

  7. Marilee

    This post was a special gift. I love the setup. I’m working my way through, but I wanted to mention something about the tart cherry juice and figs. Tart cherry juice is excellent to lower uric acid, the culprit in gout (which I deal with from time to time). It’s also good for a number of other conditions, however, it takes a warrior or a masochist to swallow more than a couple of spoonsful. But I’m going to try it with the figs, which will also be good for me. Again, I love this posting. Take care. Spring is on its way.

  8. victoria

    I think you’re rethinking about the area behind that little fence is really good. I’ve been reading a lot over the last year about planting native plants and providing habitat and sustenance for animals, birds, and insects wherever possible. That little wild space, while maybe not attractive to some, fulfills all those needs for these various creatures that live there.

  9. jeri

    WOW Jude! You are doing a GREAT job with organizing this site! It all makes so much sense… Yay you!
    I personally LOVE hearing about your goings and do not feel that you are posting too much.

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