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February Tangle

February can be so many things.

It is my year marker and that has come to mean such different things in my older age. I had a swell birthday, but fell under the weather a bit yesterday. I think just the result of too much of everything in these last days.  There is always so much in a day, so much more than can even be recorded.  But then, much of it does get recorded if I just keep going, with something, until the confusion passes, even though it is often not explained.  The form things eventually take, t hough,  I have come to realize,  is a kind of explanation. Like evolution itself.  Sometimes I sit with what just happened. And I describe what I see.  One thing at a time,  and that tells me a story.  Have you ever tried that? It is part of what I call the poetry of process. In this case the telling to one's self.

I want to call this stray cat, stray self really, Tangled up in February.  I had another name in mind Yesterday, but I forgot. Things sure can get complicated. But there can be a simple beauty in that. In perspective.

evolution. a puzzle

standing in February

life can be complicated

becoming in February

How much softer she is now.

a note...

If you are  a Forever Zoner,  a welcome was posted on Saturday.  Just leaving a little space for everyone to find their way. I will make another general post tomorrow, just an overview.  Please subscribe by email here, there will always be links to any new goings on in my blog posts.  For anyone joining in later, there is, always will be, an ever present  growing menu of gateways so you can find your way(s). As usual, I am not sure what I have gotten myself into. 🙄 But it feels ok.


  1. Mary Park

    Glad you had a great birthday, your cats eyes tell the whole story, they pull you right in and hold you there, like you can’t tell what she’s thinking but somehow you know, I am mesmerized when I look at her eyes, she’s great,

  2. Kim Mullen-Kuehl

    I often find now, that after a day out or a couple of days of socializing I am totally wiped out for a day or two and have begun scheduling recuperation days. It helps. Hope you feel better.

  3. sharon

    sitting with what just happens ‘n allowing it to tell its story… one thing at a time… thank u, jude. those words open up a door of understanding for me. how the confusion of creation lifts by just going on. how the language of one story unlocks another. how doing a thing 9 ways can be helpful. this is marvelous. x

  4. I love her, for she is you. I love her tiny thread bead heart beating away, carrying her along…telling her story. Beautiful. Spring is my birth season, so I especially have a fondness for the Spring green and flowers of this time. xo

  5. CJ

    Change in doings can sure discombobulate our view. Breathing and rescue remedy give me clarity and SLOW down to enjoy the ride. Such a journey we are all on. Spring is about to explode.

  6. deemallon

    I used to tell myself that even tho I was a good writer, I wasn’t a storyteller. I’ve since learned that that’s nonsense since just saying one thing and then the next creates, as you say, a story.

  7. Jen

    I’m taking deep breaths.
    Softer is good.
    Maybe we can melt into moss…..
    ( Sorry; I’m spending so much time outside watching the green creep forth…)

  8. I’m always a little amazed watching you do this. When something could be called finished and then becomes so much more. She is softer and somehow more assured, more rooted in season. Taken from an “oh no, snow” moment to a place that holds the swing and the in between.

    • jude

      there are so many tiny steps, so you are not really watching me do this, I want to try to catch all of them, if only for my own curiosity. I realize I escaped into silence .

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