jude hill spirit cloth

Seventy One, good golly!



Here I am.




Feeling ok.

It's snowing.



Welcome has been posted in the Forever Zone.


As usual , this me got away from me... but I will share that story with you later...

I am simply a tangle... you?


  1. Meryl

    Hope that today brings all that’s good and joyful, and a year that just gets better by the minute…
    You are glowing just like your moon!
    ‘The most beautiful tunes are played on old instruments!’

  2. louise

    bonne fête chere jude.hope you had a wonderfull b day.we are a couple of your fan here in quebec canada.all over 71 so we arehappy to read you.

  3. louise

    bonne fête chère jude !!!we are a couple here in quebec canada, all over 71, so a proof you can cycle much further..hope you hade a nice b day.

  4. Shirley

    Love your posts with your beautiful stitching! I think we might be ‘sisters in stitching’! Have a wonderful birthday, and many happy returns! Hugs!

  5. JERI

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday dear Juuuddde, Happy Birthday to you!!! Sending Love, warm hugs, many blessings for the year ahead!

  6. Els

    Happy birthday dear Jude !
    (we are as old as we feel . . . sometimes that might be 80, and sometimes 8 or 28 🙂 . . . but all those younger ones are still somewhere inside !)

  7. Caro

    Great picture!!!
    Have a happy BirthDay Jude.
    A peaceful future with much time for creativity and everything that gives you pleasure.
    Enjoy and stay healthy !!

  8. Marti

    Nine patches, a life full circle, your voice en-circling us with the depth and quiet joy of what you do, how you live. Today, this day of the 19th, this day of your birthday. Happy Birthday Jude. Here is an Irish birthday blessing that I love to share:
    May you dance forever joyful in the sweet warm rain of life.

  9. Carol

    Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays! Enjoy yourself and the snow though that does cause problems I know.
    Lovely to see your smiling face!

  10. Vi

    Happy Birthday, Jude!:)
    What a lovely picture!
    Looking good, feeling alive and wonderful…
    For sure, a day which shines!
    Wishing you laughter and a peaceful heart thru the year.

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