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Mid February Newsletter

waiting for leaves...

Hey! I have reformatted my Newsletter, into a 9 patchNine Forever!   Just testing the The Talking Nine.  Maybe it is too much.  Anyway, this was fun. being able to talk more just like that.

Please note, since there will be a lot more audio here from now on,  a reminder that pictures open in separate tabs up top.  Which means you can click and listen to the audio and then  enlarge the picture while listening.  Close the picture tab up top to return to the page.

Just Hello

I love coffee

with coffee



Moon by Glennis

Season is a kind of layer...



what are you looking at?

Gettin' older...



because ...I really don't know clouds at all (Joni Mitchell)

Clouds are new...



how long will forever be?

More like a Place really, join in anytime.


Feel Free

the link to the blog is in the sidebar, for now

My blogging has moved...

feel free


The sky is falling...

It's time...



But it will snow again soon...

Waiting and ready...


New Work

Just looking and then going...

It's all one thing...

new work

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  1. Shishi

    This is so great! You just keep on going…and going❤️.
    71 sure looks good on you! Love your smile too!
    I’m right behind you in age.

  2. Mary Park

    Happy Birthday, what a wonderful present The Talking Nine, thank you for your tenacity to get it accomplished, hope you have a sewfilled day
    Mary P

  3. Branka

    Happy Birthday Jude and thank you for yet another source of getting in touch with you – your voice. Now your Spirit Cloth can literally speak. Your age cannot wash away what your face is all about!

  4. Vanessa

    Oh how wonderful! Happy Birthday to ya and many more! I have been following your musings for many years. Such good content! At this moment I am hand piecing 9 patch blocks from six 5 in squares received from an online swap. You give me inspiration to do! Thanks.

  5. Alice Ruth

    I love the format. A simple photograph with soothing words of insight into creative living. Have you pondered over how your musings have captured the attention of so many of us? Thank you for sharing your story, knowing that similar threads run through everyone’s story.

  6. Marti

    Nine patches, a life full circle, your voice en-circling us with the depth and quiet joy of what you do, how you live. Today, this day of the 19th, this day of your birthday. Happy Birthday Jude. There is an Irish birthday blessing that I love to share:

    May you dance forever joyful in the sweet warm rain of life.

  7. Janice

    This format looks so inviting and hearing you speak while looking at the images is so good. It’s like a lucky dip with words of wisdom instead of physical prizes. So much better.

  8. Jen

    This is beautiful, Jude, as you are!
    Love the nine patch, the calming stories, how you share.
    You are the knot that holds us ragmate threads together.
    I’m with you, that screen porch is ESSENTIAL, that link between out and in…
    The soil is waiting, the trees are murmuring…the trees!
    No deer here, but we have a BUNNY!! (I think a nesting mama!)

    Looking forward to all of this.
    Many thanks!

  9. Sue F

    Storm Eunice blustered about here today. I navigated fallen bits of branch in the dark to leave food for the animals on the chalk cliff behind my back fence and heard a pained cry. So loud and for so long! Hopefully it was squabbling deer.
    It’s always after midnight when I find you. Tomorrow I shall seek a calm space and a password. Very happy to hear you. It’s a good place to be.

  10. Sarita

    Especially love your garden & the view of it!
    Looking forward to seeing how your garden grows!
    …the new format is brilliant in these visual media times.
    🏡 Sarita A

  11. Judy

    I love the audio! it’s so calming to listen to your voice as I putter around the kitchen, stopping to look at the visual that goes with the audio clip. A screened porch is a must. I’m always sad to leave our cabin in the fall bc I have to leave my 3 walls of floor to ceiling screened porch where I’m safe from the mosquitos, black flies and no-see-ums. What you’re putting together is soul sustaining Jude.

  12. Caro

    I very much like this format! You are so brave.
    It feels very personal, like having a cup of coffee with you. I LOVE coffee, especially my morning one!

  13. sharon

    can see your mom’s gift for teaching children in u. they must’ve loved her the way we ragmates love u. this new “game board” format is delightFULL, the audio makes it seem 3-D… any salvaged lumber in your area? would be fun to recycle vintage beams somehow. just what-iffing. x

  14. CJ

    I figured out why I fell under someone else’s comment with mine. I’m a South paw so scroll with my right hand. I instantaneously slide over everyone’s comments igniting the reply indicator and comments box pops open there and then. Not at the end of the line of comments. So my comments are likely lost or left by the wayside. I’ll do better.😏🙄

      • Vi

        Really enjoyed this format, Jude. Your posts normally comes to me the same time as my afternoon coffee..love that!
        The audio’s and pics combine..such a treat!
        You, your words and your truth of what you share….often gives me the confidence to resonate with comfort ,to my own imaginings of this n that.
        A perfect afternoon coffee!

  15. hope you follow through with porch roof. the deck on the old house was so important…screened in makes a difference, but with
    mosquitoes a good one. I think you NEED the porch…for

  16. Rita Hollingsworth

    Love the new format…..look forward to joining Forever in the future.
    We’ve lived in 9 houses, and if there isn’t a screened in porch, “he” makes sure we get one, or a summer room…isn’t the same without.❣️

  17. jeri

    Enjoyed getting caught up with your life… I love your new format!
    Wish I lived closer, my hubby could fix your roof… I know how important that space is to you. We still haven’t found a house and it’s crunch time, our house is sold. The housing market has gone insane and we have to re-evaluate where we are going to live. A studio is super important and one for hubby too, essential things on the first floor too as we get older.
    I am so looking forward to the Zone, there’s not a night that I don’t wander around your blog. It calms me before I fall asleep, the days are so stressful.
    And I’ve always loved a garden and doubt we will be able to have one this year. We must look forward and keep our spirits up.
    big hugs

  18. Joy

    I love this! My first click was Soul-o, then coffee, then the porch roof. We also have a screened porch, and I’ve debated on having it closed in with windows as we shovel out snow and we sweep out rain! At this point, I decided to just live with weather’s whims, but my age is telling me that something will need to be done.

    • jude

      I love the format too.
      We have considered windows so we can use the space in winter, maybe a little stove, but need is still overriding want at this point…

  19. Jude, I like this format of short audio snippets very much. I’ve always liked your voice because it is calming. My monkey mind is such these days that keeping these thoughts in short chunks is so much easier for me to process. Also, I so understand about the screened porch! My husband told me that when I insisted on screening our front porch he thought I was crazy to spend that money, but now he thinks it’s the best money I ever spent on the house. It’s our favorite place for so many reasons. Good luck – sorry that lumber has gone up so! 🙁

  20. Helen Lee

    Oh..this was a delight…listened to every patch in the nine, and I’m late making our supper…Ha!
    Tomorrow, tomorrow, I loves ya tomorrow…tra-la-la. Can’t wait. Slow is so good.
    Managed to get two lots of Heart and Hope from Threadcrumbs…yay.
    So happy that Soul-O is joining us.
    Hope the deer will prevail.

  21. deemallon

    Do you think Covid might have struck the deer population? I’ve read that they do get it. ** I like the length of these audios. Very nice to sit with my second cup of coffee and run through them.

    • jude

      Yeah, short clips are good.
      The deer have been getting some strange disease the last few years, some biti g insects that are carried by warming winds. They die in a matter of days. The do carry covid, but that is not killing them. I wonder if I can get them to wear masks. Oh ha! It was nice to see one, that they are not all gone.

      • CJ

        The vocal format was simply joyful. It really sets such a mood of happiness for me. Lved it. I Googled the deer. How sad. We have no-see-ums here and they are a pain. Crazy it can kill in like 36hrs. Imagine spring deer will be more plentiful until the midges populate. We built our porch, my zen den and instead of just screens we used upcycled storm doors from various sales. So glassed-in with screens I can open and close. Not the prettiest but simple our home away from home. A glass house. Looking forward to tomorrow. So glad you have choosen more vocal!

    • carroleb

      Beautiful visual format, love the audio, you have such a calming voice.
      A tapestry of the aspects of your life.
      Hello handsome soul-o…

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