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Head in the Clouds

The snow melted.  Some warm days. Another winter storm on the way for the weekend. I was born in a snowstorm.  Ok. It's February. Until it isn't.

Clouds.  Because I have been playing with them, and I suppose, then, I have been thinking about them.  Or is it the other way around?

cloudy, with a chance of understanding

More of a figurative shape for a loose patch, as opposed to the more basic shapes I work with. But then, clouds, they don't really have a shape.  Maybe I can think about that.  What can be built with shapeless?

expanding the fire insideI only put this post here today, to put a post here. I have nothing to say in any clear way. As always,  just a lot of questions.

But I suppose I am just practicing, here, posting here, on a regular basis, getting in the swing of it, diary mode.  Making sure all is working.  But then noticing, suddenly, my growing tendency to space out, slow down, not worry.  Lose my train of thought.   How that seems to take me somewhere anyway.  How I actually always enjoyed that.  Need that.  nesting

I am thinking about image. The language of it.

Is it, mostly, to talk to ourselves?  Am I really, often,  just an illustrator?

I added a smidge of shibori ribbon from Glennis.  Woven right in. It goes a long way and because of the nature of the silk and the bias, it has a great liquid quality about it, pulls out of shape and conforms to my whims.


    • jude

      we had an old station wagon , my dad, we rambled to the sea and back a million times. and to the drive in but we kids would fall asleep in the back.

  1. Miriam in KS

    What you call talking to yourself and rambling, I call “thinking out loud”.
    I find it helps me to focus when I allow myself to do so.

  2. I agree with Dee – “just” an illustrator cracks me up. I do not have the illustrator capability and find it marvelous. I’m content to ramble from wherever/whatever I am though..! in company of course 🙂

  3. Alison TS

    I try to photograph clouds but have to move quick. The shape is there , then it shifts. Shape shifting? hmm? the nesting metaphor is better. The full moon as it rose last night. appeared and disappeared behind the clouds . Looking like a huge eye in the sky.The light from the moon gave an eerie glow to peoples eyes. I’d never noticed it before like that. Just adding, your voice speaking, (unedited) sparks my imagination, I am in awe of your cloth and your drawings.

  4. Jen

    “just” rambling …we all like to ramble along with you, such a wonderful, mysterious Journey you take us all on.
    And yes, to See (super powers) and ohhhhhhh!! A CAPE!! ) uh oh, indeed…in the most exciting way.

    And remember:
    “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

  5. sharon

    thinking about a train of thought being on a circular, spiraling track that keeps expanding outward… oooooH, ragmate t-shirts! would be fun for each of us to design our own ‘n post it somehow… x

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