jude hill spirit cloth

A most impressive Moon


An old cloth woven moon, rising again in time.

This cloth hangs next to the bed and often acts as a moonlight catcher. It's big and it is going to become bigger.


It was like the moon and the cloth had an arrangement.

I can feel it.  Even coming..

I always feel it. The Full Moon.

I couldn't sleep. My whole body feels it.  Like a wild ache. That is more like a whole body vibration. A buzz almost. Does that happen to you? It's not exactly comfortable.

I am working to secure a thread between the Spirit Cloth Blog and this Feel Free blog and the Forever Zone. Letting them be what they will be. Together.  I will gather my thoughts in a newsletter tomorrow.

Enjoy the Moon.


  1. deemallon

    When I stepped out and saw this moon, I nearly wanted to cry. There are lots of astrological reasons I can find for this particular full moon (in Leo) but one of those I share with you. A Leo full moon is opposite your Sun in Aquarius. All the light of your sun shines off this particular full moon.

  2. how cloth might be clouds …

    and this brings up the thought that I have an ongoing “thing” with the otherwise dear person who shares my bedroom … I open the blinds on my side of the bed to let in the moon light … then he closes the blinds to … what? … why? …

    but wait, this is great … how have I not thought of this before? … I’ll just take off the little rod that controls the blinds … that might just work 🙂

  3. Ha full moon! Thanks for reminding me, Jude. I couldn’t sleep at all. I feel the buzz as well. Do you think it gets worse when you have had more birthdays? I think it does…. But I’ll keep this in mind: the full moon. Next full moon, I’m sincerely considering not going to bed at all.

  4. Rita Hollingsworth

    I’m loving the weaving….your cloth and image is beyond cool. Starting from full moon, I will have 4 nights of three hours of sleep, and Bam….eyes fly open, why I am not tired, is the weird part. After the 4 hr. Nights, I go back to my split 6 hours…feeling “fuzzy” is part of it.

  5. Jacqui

    It always surprises me, where ever we are in the world that we share exactly the same intensity of the moon, it reminds me of what we all share, together.

    • CJ

      The moon is such magic to me! My father’s nickname was “Moon” from our Mullen heritage and his bald head maybe. Your moon lights me up with its bright woven glow! I’ve got my own moon going and today it had me feeling high. My 1st weave was your course. Lv it!

  6. Caro

    W O W!
    That is really awesome beaitifull and “witchy”. Definitly very unusual but very cool!Love it!
    I have always been really affected by the moon. Even as a child. Am told i spoke a lot in my sleep during full moon.
    Sleepless nights now and yes, restless, weired feeling. Hard to put in words.
    I want to weave a moon and wish moonlight on it!

  7. Amy P Kennedy

    Lovely. It’s the Snow Moon tonight–because February is the snowiest month. Or the Bone Moon—due to running out of food midwinter and having to gnaw on bones. I’m hoping not to experience either scenario.

  8. Jana

    Moon magic on cloth … what a sight to behold! Thanks for that. I’m cutting out a full moon today from yellow glove cotton to applique (turned) on first 9-patch. Will re-watch your video before starting. 🙂

  9. Jen NyBlom

    I awoke more energized than I have been for…many moons. 🌕💓
    That image is magical, Jude.

    Let us all dance because…Moon.
    She is one of us.
    ( Or, we are one of her)

  10. dorylyn

    I always do too! This Snow Moon, especially tonight, is a time to let go of people places and things that are not serving you well in your life.
    Also, a good time to make moon water!!

  11. Helen Lee

    Oh crikey yes. It affects both of us…it can get quite wild!
    We’ve had a few days of storms. At the moment it’s Dudley blowing a hooley out there. She shone a spooky light last night…even through thick cloud. I love her.
    Oh…the joining of Moons in your photo 😍
    Weaving…I haven’t done it in so long, but have felt the call this week when I held ‘old’ ones in my hands.

  12. The full moon is making wild tree shadows on the snow all night. I wake up periodically and look at the different shadows out the window. Fat blobs for pines and narrow wiggly lines for maple branches. I tried to photograph them, but the light was not strong enough. Your cloth and the moon are definitely in sympathy.

  13. sharon

    my heart leaps when you turn your gaze to cloth weaving. still pondering what u shared about self-ish yesterday. would it be helpful to think of it as “the self”, like “the moon”? after all, we don’t call it “my moon” (unless we’re referring to a body part! ha!) for me, focus is a way of not being overwhelmed by a myriad of possible directions. x

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