jude hill spirit cloth

Happy New Year

imagine... said the basket faced deer.

Just to say let there be

at least in our imagining

Peace on Earth.

Here again... with no plan. Just going to see what happens. I just made up a new word.  Sempathy, a combination of sympathy and empathy.  And a new term in my Spirit Cloth Language.   Sempathetic Evolution.  I feel we need it. I also added  a new compositional element, Fragmentation Field, relating to a new post over at Spirit Cloth today.

Hey Ho, and let's just go.

Wishing you all the best in this New Year.



    • JayJay

      As we begin to move through this year called 2022, I need to express my gratitude to you, Jude – for just being there and for allowing us to just be with you. It sounds like the digital aspects are daunting, so I appreciate even more that you keep on with us. It always inspires me to see how your inner self becomes physical through your stitching. Such lovely work. Thank you!

    • jude

      the movie format in Instagram is so easy. I am working with the man to make those movies friendly to posting here. I know not everyone is there, but a lot of folks are only there. There are so many places! Still have not decided where I should be, so far it seems to be everywhere. which is exhausting. Thank you for your sigh…

  1. Claudine

    Happy New Year dear Jude. With your new words, your questions, your dreams, and the new forms that your textile travels take. And may we long have the joy of following you.

  2. Sharon+Koch

    the deer defined by stitch feels “light” as a thought, unemcumbered by physical presence. the fine outline takes me back to the “connect the dots” pictures i loved as a child. yes to sempathetic evolution in 2022!..:. x

  3. I think “sempathetic evolution” is a perfect description of what I hope to achieve in my making. I will make it my “Word for 2022.” Thank you for that & for all you do! Wishing you a restful start to this new year — whatever it may bring, let’s all remember to add sempathy to the mix. As Jane Yolen has said, “Touch magic. Pass it on.”

  4. Vi

    Wonderful to see your post just now. It brings with it a feeling of calm…a fragment of peace. Thank you for that.
    Yes, sempathy…..may there be enough and more of it thru this year.
    Yes..plenty oh Hey Ho…blessings and best wishes to you and all you hold precious.
    Your work brings me joy. As simple as that.

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