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Just another quick note…

Just connecting threads here before the new year starts.  I posted today at Spirit Cloth.

Which links back to some older content here.  That is how it sometimes might work.

And there is now a feed of new Spirit Cloth Blog posts in the sidebar here.  I am trying to  connect the two places.  If anything is annoying, let me know.  Suggestions welcome.

There will probably be a couple more posts and then I will be away  from there too,  for an end of the year cleanse.  So after next week, enjoy the quiet. Ha.




  1. good news here … both in your sidebar link to Spirit Cloth and the fact that both of your blogs are now showing up in my Kindred Spirit links (the Feel Free feed took a while to kick in)

    I remember waaaaaay back when, going to a library conference when hyperlinking was a “new” thing … really the old card catalogs were the analog version of hyperlinks, so we all totally “got it” … how computers could do what we had always dreamed of

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