jude hill spirit cloth

just to keep going

it has been a wet summer...

making seeds

we find comfort in a cloth

Yesterday I made a new path. Through the wild growth and through my tangled mind. I noticed the Japanese Maple is turning.  Today there is a soft drizzle. Dark but light enough to sit near the big window and stitch on Heal.  I added this final patch.  I will quilt this now.  Until it seems like enough.

not really helping, but good company

I'll try anyway.

I'll be back when I get there.


  1. Looks like hard good work on that path, both of them. Looking at your work on “Heal” made me wish for a healing cloth to work on, and then thought “a self-healing one” which made me laugh. Thanks for that.

  2. Helen Lee

    We are house/cat sitting…a very shy, outdoor cat. I disolved into a puddle this morning when she twined around my legs and purred when I was putting her food out. The BEST feeling.

    New paths are good ❤

  3. Sharon Koch

    soul-o’s PRESENCE is strong in your pics. the way he lays or sits beside you touches us all. DEEPLY. picturing you two by the big window today, peacefully stitching your heart to a cloth called Heal, makes me smile. thank u. x

  4. Soul-O and his kindred … are much of what make it “still so worth the going.” They hold the still point that we seem to scurry around. Paperweights on what’s important.

  5. Veronica

    Thank you so much for your consistent publishing. I know it’s a lot of work.
    Your posts inspire me, and feel like a source of joy and safety in what is feeling to me like a very unsafe world at the moment

  6. Meredith Pearson

    Your cat—what a fluff-bomb. Love his occasional appearance in photos of your work. Thank you for giving me a laugh-out-loud this morning.

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