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The lighter side of me

Another double star

The romantic, optimistic part of me comes from my Mom.  She was the  happy, Winnie the Poo, Pie in the Sky person in the room.   Always reminding me that everything is going to be all right, that folks are basically good, that tomorrow is another day.  Probably I didn't really buy a lot of what she was selling all the time, but seriously,  Pie Eyes can make the difference in a day sometimes.  Good medicine.   And my ,my, could she laugh.  She could fall down laughing.  That is how I remember her.  I need to practice.

first blooms on the hibiscus

I planted 3 hibiscus plants in spring.  they are not that big this year but have strong roots and have begun to bloom.  I counted 22 buds and have just felt the greatest joy as I find even one open each morning.  They like it here and the deer don't seem interested.

back to daily bundle dyes.

Yesterday, I used the spent blossom for a tin can bundle dye, just steamed a bit and left overnight.  I saw the blue edges, I wondered.   Deep Inky Blue.   Such big blossoms, lots to play with.

without the metal.

Today, lighter, without the metal, which saddens things so much.  There will be at least one tired blossom a day for a while.  What if I  dye this 9 times? Fill in the spaces,  try to cover it in color.  Old yellowed silk was the start.

We are in the path of that Hurricane... hope the Hibiscus will be ok.  And seriously, any more rain here and I will begin that Ark.  The night before last, Tornado warnings all night.


  1. Samantha

    we’re all going to have to learn to shelter and swim I think as time goes on- there is no alternative and, as you say, no place to hide- so we sew through the 45mph winds and plant trees to shelter under and soak up the rain and we laugh at the absurdity of so many things-I hope you weather the storm and have other calm days on the other side x

  2. My aunt was like that. She drove everybody crazy but I liked it. It was refreshing, but I could not have been around her every day. I’d like to try growing hisbiscus. I’ve grown okra and cotton so why not? That red is splendid. Good luck with the hurricane.

  3. Wendy

    A beautiful hibiscus bloom and the spent bloom melded well with the yellow silk. My azaleas have bloomed a second time this year and I’m thinking of trying to steam dye some linen that I have on hand. Stay safe through the storm.

  4. Carine

    The silk with the flowers is just perfect! Here in Brittany it has benn raining all summer. Stay safe: build a mental protective bubble around your home

  5. Oh boy. I thought of you watching the news of the storm. Love the top pic “Good Morning Starshine”! Singing that will get your happy on! I was once called Eeyore by a dear friend. It was hurtful…BUT, my mom always called me Pooh, which was/is a treasure. This cloth came out amazing, really fantastic. I like the can lines. 🙂
    Stay dry!

  6. Sharon Koch

    what timing. my husband wants to prune our humungous hibiscus. love the unique color ways. perhaps with a bit of mad hatter madder? a beautiful mix you are of both parents, jude. x

  7. snicklefritzin43

    Love your eco prints with your hibiscus. A grand way to celebrate the success of a new planting 👏👏👏 they are both beautiful .

  8. Judy

    sharing a bit of sadness…we had to euthanize our sweet hearted golden retriever girlie this week. what a privilege to have had her in our home. those eyes…those eyelashes. Ah…still it’s good to see your post and the lovely stitching you’re doing. maybe I’ll do some quiet stitching…

  9. Jen NyBlom

    Love the flowers and dye bundles
    (I just picked up some eucalyptus 😀 )
    —CRAZY that you are getting that kind of weather!!!!! Hope all will be ok, and that you’ll be Safe!!!
    Most of the time, I am like your mom—(is the glass half empty, or half full? I’m just happy to have a glass!! Wheeeee!)
    I’d rather be a Pooh, than an Eeyore, right?
    It’s rumbling and raining right now—
    The sun will come out tomorrow, tomorrow…Everybody sing, all together now!! Ha!

    Big hugs! And stay dry (as ya can)


    I think I gotta go stitch (another) star!!

  10. Maybe just put a rock laden big bucket over the hibiscus? I had one of these, but it was a tinier flowered variety, deep deep burgundy and alas, i forgot about the first frost that year, and lost it. (It had wintered beautifully the year before as a potted plant in the back window.)

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