jude hill spirit cloth

A Frame for no Reason

I think I will reconsider reason

From another season...Building a blue frame then...reasoning

I love that reason rhymes with season. How season might even be a good reason.

Today I will begin a fast.

I need to calm my body

Claim her own Wisdom,

as grace mentioned in her latest post, which I cannot seem to comment on... Hi Grace!

Brings me back to what we know from experience.  Wisdom, which is knowledge, but a knowing framed only by a life lived.  Ginger Lemon  Water, the beginning, in an attempt to purge the uric acid that causes stiffness.   Claiming to know because it is a personal truth that I do not need to impose on you.  But I can tell the story of how it happens for me.

Peace has many truths.

How did we stray so far from knowing that?


  1. For me I think “sometimes the reasons change”…funny we are having/doing similar thoughts/things. I totally revamped my way, my practice and using up yarn in the process…and loving it! Love the blues framing and merging.

  2. Debra

    S is for story…about the goingness of it…I love what you add after that part…that the patchwork story is embellished by what we think of it. That struck me as whimsically profound when I read it.

    I hope the fast goes well.

  3. Sharon Koch

    can SO relate to “expanding into so many things that i actually get nothing done”! setting limits creates an edge. a frame. like one of those viewfinders with a square hole cut out of a piece of cardboard. finding joy in the simple, small ‘n few. x

  4. Dakotah

    I restarted my yoga practice recently and I intend to keep it up the rest of my life. It helps me tremendously. Glad to hear you are moving better.
    I like stitching for no reason 🙂

  5. Yes, “Peace has many truths, and how did / do we stray so far from knowing that?” I’m appreciating this query, thank you, Jude, and I really like this piece on which you are working and pondering.

  6. Audrey Barker

    The frame makes it “pop” and I love it. Reconsider the square with the large white circle. For me, it draws the eye away from the glorious center. Looking forward to seeing where this one goes. Yummy-ness.

  7. Yep, “feels right” is reason enough … sometimes the best reason. The dye patterns on this center cloth are fascinating — they look like gasses and clouds out in the cosmos.

    • jude

      Truth is personal. But then truth is all of it. For the most part, I believe that. To be at peace we must acknowledge the depth of that.

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