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Always Reconsider

I think I might weave a sign

Never be too sure.  The ability to change your mind is a never ending opportunity to learn.  Especially from each other.   Fencing for the garden.  That I had decided not to do.

For now, I need to stay off my feet.  The garden will wait.   So I continued stitching this leaf  to celebrate growth. And to what I learn at every turn.

I love to honor a seem. The greatness of a meeting place.

I had two small slices, not quite halves, of circles leftover from something else... folded the edge of one and  and placed it over the edge of the other. Stitched the seam applique style.  Doing it this way I mostly need to iron the seam open if I want it to remain thin, like I do.

But this time I wanted to stitch a stem and well I did that before opening the seam. To be stronger and support the stitch. Split Backstitch (methods index) with Deb's thread. (resource page) But I realized I could still open the seam.  Stronger and then thinner at the same time. And I like that because it never happened like that before for me. And it works so well.  And I kept going. Thinking these could be a great addition to GROW.

just love this picture

And a gate...

like a door to tomorrow

There is a gate! I worked with some local guy here.  It was obvious ( to both of us) that we most likely have different political views.  But it wasn't about that. Didn't need to be.  We made our world smaller and  we made a fence together.  Worked around the rock problem, a miscalculation in materials, rain and blistering heat and took it step by step .  And it is beautiful. I will try to get him to pose for a picture when he comes back with the chicken wire.




  1. Wendy

    Your enclosed garden is just wonderful. I have been playing with drawings of an enclosed garden for a few months now. Hopefully for the fall of this year, as we had to replace that 160 foot piece of fence this year. Your leaf is fabulous and the joining up of both pieces converging in a way so that you could do the stems and still open the seam flat is wonderful. A bounty of these leaves cascading around the cloth would be so wonderful. I can almost hear the flutter of them as they land all about the cloth, each having its own story to whisper.

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  3. Dakotah

    I would love a proper garden fence like that. I need a builder. Don’t forget the potential of a chicken tractor.

  4. cednie

    Great fence and gate! Gives your garden a real sense of safe place to grow. And I love the stitched leaf. Beautiful post to view this morning after the rain has ended.

  5. When you mentioned you might need a fence for your garden, I forgot about deer, foxes and ??, so I pictured my garden fence–3 ft high wire fence. But I’m in the city, and though I have seen deer down the street, our lot, 10 feet above the lot behind us, does not invite deer. But yours… That is one magnificent fence and gate. Like Sharon Koch, I love the idea of a garden gate being named “a door to tomorrow”.

  6. Sharan

    the leaf and the gate are things of beauty on many levels… one ethereal, and one bridging differences and sturdy … thank you for sharing your thoughts/wisdom …

    • jude

      yes, it’s feeling more balanced. Now we are reconsidering bees as well. I am nervous about chickens with all the coyotes

      • debgorr

        I have loved having chickens…but predators and rats are a real issue. If you do decide to get chickens I would build a really good chicken coop and run and not let them free range unless you are sure you can get them put up at night before dark. Even then there are problems. Mom and Dad once had a hawk get into their run and get one of the chickens. You won’t save money (and in fact they will cost more) but it’s nice to have the supply of eggs and fertilizer.

        • jude

          I has become apparent, how much responsibility comes with keeping animals. Back where I moved from folks didn’t like chickens because they attracted predators. here, well I have more land and have tried connecting with locals for advice. We’ll see. right now we need to hang some bird boxes on the posts.

  7. vickiseastrom

    Such a supportive reminder for keeping on, step by step, “little and often”, growing my own optimism, your leaf is my borrowed taliswoman, trying things out, wondering and wandering to find and recognize what I love … I love your garden and its made-just-for-it fence, built with eyes on the goal and not on individual differences — another take on good fences making for good neighbors.

  8. I love this leaf and stem, so full of colors … being served up on a dish of honor! I adore gates, and this is a strong and sturdy one. Nothing like a good gate whether it’s in good “shape” or not. So glad it all turned out to be a collaboration. Good vibes going into it.

  9. hermosa

    I love our fence that surrounds the garden. Deer are happy we aren’t chasing them and we’re eating the food we grow.
    makes for peace in the valley.

  10. Judy

    That leaf is ever so beautiful. And the gate…well, I want one just like it. It’s a thing of beauty, the gate that wasn’t going to be. Well done.

  11. Sharon Koch

    this enclosed garden is a thing of great beauty. and the way it came to be, thru’ reconsideration and cooperation. a woven sign! yes! it makes me deeply happy simply imagining it. naming a place where seeds are planted “a door to tomorrow” is a welcome reminder. thank u, jude! x

  12. Sandi D.

    I love your garden, gate fence and all. I also think your leaf is beautiful. And the mousies made me smile. We find them in little nooks and crannies, behind doors and under furniture in our house. There is always wonder and fun to be had when one magically appears. Take care.

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