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I Don’t Know

I woke up thinking I don't know.

There wasn't even any question.

Hello nameless...

And then I put this picture here because I don't know who or what it is. And it doesn't matter.

I hear these are edible, the flowers.  Nothing has eaten them.

First time growing nasturtiums.  They like it here.

Pairing is so evolutionary.

Some leftover moon/eclipse bits.  Cobbled together, poof, a leaf.  I like how a leaf and an eclipse might work together as a concept.  I am not sure how...



  1. Jen NyBlom

    I plant edible flowers…and then I can’t seem to eat them, they are too pretty, Yeesh…

    And, I don’t know (a lot of things)…

    I’ve been having the weirdest dreams.

  2. Helen Lee

    Nasturtiums are such a favourite. I use the leaves in pesto, as well as what everyone else has mentioned. Also, the whole plant, but especially the flowers, are a great antibiotic, when infused with garlic in cider vinegar.

    A leaf and an eclipse has me pondering….

  3. vickiseastrom

    I am learning to revel in not knowing . . . here in Northern California our nasturtiums are quietly fading away . . . strong sunlight and baking temperatures are just not their thing . . . the riot of color a bevy of nasturtiums creates is soul-lifting! There are still a few brilliant reds, oranges and yellows to enjoy, and I do!

  4. Ah, the not knowing…relieves the pressure in some way…a letting go. We try to figure out what birds we are seeing and then, not as it doesn’t really matter to our enjoyment. That balance between curious-learning-relaxed-peace-filled. It’s a circle at times. xo

  5. Suzanna

    Maybe not knowing (no-ing)is what makes room for guessing and yes-ing!❤️

    P. S. Spell check really wanted me to say something else, but I think it is allowing this to stand for the moment.

  6. Marti

    As others have said, both the leaves and blossoms of nasturtiums are wonderful in salads, peppery taste and visually enticing against greens,and cucumbers. I’ve put the blossoms on sliced baguettes that have been slathered with brie. The soft creamy mellow taste of brie goes so well with the spicy taste of the blossoms and it is an astonishing beautiful appetizer. I’ve even pressed the blossoms and a few of the lovely round leaves into a round of goat cheese, another visual as well as tasty treat.

      • I think knowing is wordless and beyond a certain point words are just a coverup for not knowing. Unnecessary, because not knowing is okay and when it is better to know, covering up is not going to help us learn.

  7. Sharon Koch

    love the perspective of looking up at the nasturtiums, like giant fairy umbrellas. what if not knowing is how we make ourselves small enough to behold the wonder of it all? x

  8. When we lived in Wyoming, everyone densely planted nasturtiums in window boxes to control box elder bugs. One day you’d have thick greenery and lots of color, and within a few days you’d have nothing but flowerless window boxes full of dead box elder bugs. It was the only way to keep them out of the vegetable gardens. Not sure what your bug is, but it’s not a box elder.

  9. Jana

    My nasturtiums seem to be on the way out here in the southeast. They seemed to like being next to the cucumber bush. I’ve seen the organic blossoms tossed in green salads.

  10. debgorr

    I think we need to be more okay with not knowing…but I also know that can be really hard. Nasturiums are fun to grow, I love their exuberance.

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