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The Layer Game

the world as I knew it

So this, posted on Instagram yesterday.  A NEW DAY. in the works forever. Right before I took this picture, I took the one below.

a true me

And there I was hiding, sort of.  Part of me. Perhaps I love layers because I see them so clearly in myself.

Seasons are layers, layers of time,  although we often represent them as part of a circle.  It feels more real , the experience of layers... than the circle that is so much bigger than me.

The magnolia outside is about to bloom for the second time.  Never heard of that but I looked it up and it does happen.  Can't help thinking this is quite an unusual summer.  If it ever stops raining, I will take a picture.

And I'll be back, like the Moon.


  1. Layers of time, circles of time. One thing I love about the Celtic “wheel of the year” is how the next season begins before the old is complete, when there may not be evidence of the turn, but things are stirring across the strata of nature. Example: February 1 is the beginning of spring, but the stirrings are mostly going on underground. It’s an overlap of seasons, the layer of the current partially overlapped by the oncoming. I LOVE how this top layer can be moved around to play against the bottom one.

  2. cednie

    What an amazing world you have created in that piece A New Day! And I laughed to see that little face peeking out from the edge of the over-layer. By the way, you really have me reconsidering brown lately!

  3. Those facial expressions, those interior greens, that peeking out from behind…so much to look at, smile at and ponder. My own thoughts and feelings adding another layer to your work & play 🙂
    Love to you, your rain and your double blooming tree!

  4. Jen NyBlom

    Both of these images speak to me, esp your Stray Selves….#1 with the character of googly eyes, it’s how I feel most of the time! ha… and #2, because I feel that way too—shy, peeking/peering out…do you see me? Do I want to be seen? Existence=layers…
    Daily thunderstorms here, wish I could send this extra rain to the West.

  5. debgorr

    Love this on so many levels…pun intended and I couldn’t resist. No rain in sight here…haze from the wildfires to the north.

  6. thank you beyond Thank You for this post….if i could, i would project it on the walls of this small
    place and then, as night comes, i would project it OutSide …among the trees, like a drive in
    movie kind of

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