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Learning by Example

sing it ...lean on me....

There was a storm.  A small branch fell from an overhead tree to the deck below.  The young morning glory, previously supported by a wooden skewer was hanging down, knocked over by the heavy rain. I stuck the branch into the soil, for it to lean on, before going to bed.  In the morning, this.

it rests, in growth

I really like looking at Freedom over Heal.   And how it seems to have become some sort of personal  medicine wheel.

It seems as wet here as it is dry elsewhere.  This has me reconsidering balance without the normal selfishness that accompanies it.

You Tube, where all my class videos hang out,  just announced changes that will instantly make all my videos private.  WordPress made changes that conflict with my theme.  And TypePad, well...they just locked me out and we are working on that.  Is it really worth the time I have left, to deal with all this shit?  That is the question for today.

Anyway, Happy July.


  1. Yvonne

    I love the connection that the plant has reached out to make with the twig…..holding on!
    The quilt is beautiful, perfectly balanced 👌💕
    The constant changes that all of these platforms are making are frustrating, I have a blog, I don’t blog anymore, I have fb but I dislike posting on it, I have flikr and don’t post on it anymore, I tried to begin a website to have everything in thd one place, I gave up! It stressed so much, demanded more time than I could devote and then I questioned it’s need??….now since I started really posting and connecting via Instagram it works for me, it’s enough, time is precious.

  2. JayJay

    I love your videos and being able to listen to you talk as you stitch. They are quite a body of work! It would be nice if you could keep them available.

  3. Karen

    I am a BIG fan of simplifying. It feels good. It is also good to have options. I do not blog or have a website and I am new to Instagram. That said, Instagram seems to be pretty friendly and simple. You have my respect whatever you decide to do. I Will continue to look forward to hearing from you … whenever it feels right.

    • jude

      It is simple. Easy. Mobile. But it is also a bit like a shopping mall. I am just here, there and a little too much everywhere. Now I am laughing and that’s good

  4. a farm blog i love….just stopped posting …. 6 months. appeared today…she’s gone to instagram.

    i guess a lot of people like that better

  5. debgorr

    Well…I feel that way about cleaning. That’s why a tiny house seems appealing to me, less to take care of. 🙂

  6. Well all I know is I would miss hearing from you ..so maybe it is worth it. I am 67 . I hate everything about computers, except when they bring me the beauty of your words, and the pictures of your work. Keep at it 🤗

  7. Jen NyBlom

    ….lean on me, when you’re not strong, and I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on…
    Nature is always finds a way.
    Hopefully, you (we) can too…
    Technology–ugh! HA.

  8. Linda

    I can’t get into WordPress anymore so never comment on several blogs. Mo is one of them.. I don’t have the google thing and hate typepad. I just have mostly given. up on commenting. Even this one is limiting me. Makes me a stalker.. I would miss you but I don’t blog because of the frustration. Don’t blame you

  9. Patricia Jacobs

    How doth the dear morning glory find the twig? That is the question…
    I know all this technical stuff is frustrating. I would hate to lose your wonderful classes.

  10. Brenda

    Nature doing its stuff, no matter the nonsense going on in the world around it. I’m new here, and would be sad to miss out on your posts, but as others say, you do what you need to do. I wish there were ways of using the wonderful technology we have without it being in the hands of the big guys, but I don’t know any. Email seems the closest thing.

  11. The balance of these healing cloths have me imagining photos of your work as an inspiration deck of cards.
    Lately it feels so much is beginning to disappear, including me… cloth will stay (until it doesn’t). Loving the tiny singing “face” at the fork of the branch.

  12. snicklefritzin43

    so much seemsout of hand these days. Just cling to that stable stick of life that you are….no matter…what comes,, you are in my heart

  13. Michele

    You have been such a place of joy and strength for so many of us for so long. Even the strongest of supports becomes overworked eventually. Do what is best for you.
    Love and thanks always

  14. (((hugs))) to you Jude. Such a hassle things seem, when it could be as easy as cloth on cloth and singing a song. I love that song. Thanks for being a branch I have leaned into, sometimes held onto with a death grip (ha) for a good many years. Freedom is wonderful and each time I see growth, I love it to pieces all over again.

  15. Suzanna

    I love the thought exchange of freedom over grow and how it is to me a healing scroll with invisible magic words of the sturdy beautiful rock letting the changing tides flow around itself growing stronger giving off always these lessons of love. ❤️


    So glad to see you are still enjoying stitching. I understand the need to step back. While enjoying my advancing years .. i still feel the need ..as you do the “let go” or at least rearrange and accept the changes. Wishing continued acceptance and I will be looking forward to any postings.

  17. cednie

    I taught myself HTML and first posted on a “handmade” blog (called an online journal then) in 1998. There was no WordPress or Typepad or anything like that. I couldn’t figure out how to post images. My thoughts were — I have to stake out a claim in this space before it gets taken over by corporations. And so it’s coming to pass. Even HTML is no longer simple. Everything is being monetized. I’m thinking WordPress may still be a possibility for you with a scaled-down free theme. It is too bad that all this may disappear, but that’s the way growth happens. Learning by example, a good lesson. Thank you for your presence and thoughts (and example!).

    • jude

      I know a bit of html. And the man here is a programmer. But it’s just become a time kilker. And really overwhelming in every way. No time for dreaming.

  18. Grazzia

    La naturaleza y los eventos cotidianos tratan de comunicarse con nosotros. Benditos aquellos que pueden ver esos mensajes. Gracias por compartir lo bello y bueno en tu vida.

  19. Glorious piece you have there and love the morning glory resurrection (I’m in Maryand – my yard looks like a whirlwind hit it – all my wild flowers on tall stems on the ground along with my hibiscus and bunches of leaves everywhere from trees – cleaning up cicada kill and adding more to it). I love the meditation here. I’m going through that same meditation a lot these days as things beyond my control ramp up. Hugs to you. And serentiy if not peace. my main email is hooked in through my website – probably the ony reason I keep it. I certainly don’t visit there much anymore

  20. Judy

    Oh my…why do the innocent get smacked by the big kids? Can’t they just place a stick for the little people to grip like you did for the morning glory? And isn’t that just the sweetest little grip it has on your stick? Your posts bring so much joy and inspiration to so many…well Jude, you do indeed have to take care of your own needs. I cannot even begin to imagine the hassle. Whatever you decide to do you have my support. Thanks in advance for so much.

  21. Sharon Koch

    i read once that “a good thing may fall apart so that a better thing can fall together”. the morning glory connecting with a branch fallen from the sky seems timely. as well as freedom attached to grow. as you noted, resting in growth. a story of hope emerges in an unexpected way. it’s happening. on we go, leaning on one another. riders on the storm… x

  22. Julie

    I hear you Jude. This is a pain!
    I love your photograph of that little leaf. It speaks to me. I guess we just need to reach out sometimes.
    Take care of yourself xxx

  23. janstar17

    Technology is not being kind these days — my Fire just stopped doing anything, my phone’s camera decided it did not like being a camera any longer, and my laptop…well, it is old and tired…like me. 🙂 Sometimes I need to let go of the cord and just stitch.

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