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A time for Stepping back

even crumbs deserve names

Just here to say

 So Sorry for the interruption here,  this site had some issues and I needed to spend some time correcting some old information, fixing links and  considering  changes for the future.  I think I fixed most things that required me to go into maintenance mode.  Still some other stuff I need to address.

I am stepping back from posting for a while as well as wandering the web.   I check my email once a day and just need to distance myself from internet and social media for a bit longer.   How long?  I guess just as long as it takes to rebalance.  Which of course can change moment to moment.

This morning I thought I might name a few small moments.  I find joy in that and it moved the needle a bit.

Stay cool.


  1. Acey

    i don’t even think of you in connection to the internet or this space. I think of you when i’m outside wandering around…

  2. Debra Woodings

    We’ll miss you but we get it. Take the time to do/be what you need. Don’t worry, we’ll be here. Blessings.

  3. If anyone deserves a break, Jude, …..! you have always given and shared so much, every day, it IS time to take a step back; to relax, breathe and refresh. Enjoy.

  4. Sharon Koch

    loving this journey with you and these traveling companions. we are here to share the pauses as well. your naming of small moments caused me to experience them in a new way. thank u. x

  5. Masuke

    Things will happen while you look away. Let them. Then you can look back and memory-keep just the ones that make you smile

  6. Michelle D

    Your sharing always has a mindful, honest quality – this is what I love, this is why I follow along. It is not the mindless quantity of “sharing” that nourishes me. When you pause,I pause. I am grateful for that.

  7. Judy

    I reiterate the sentiment expressed in those comments before mine. You and all you do and share matters to me too but we all need to refresh. Be well Jude. See ya later.

  8. deemallon

    It’s a good time of year to step back, if you ask me. Be well. Look forward to your return. And apropos of recent post and how hard it is to tell wether the teaching/modeling you’ve done over the years matters, I want to say unequivocally that it does. You do.

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