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Never Done

What a common thing to say, but now I catch myself, how untrue.

What's done is done?

I love Deb's sketchy thread here.

Not.  Nothing is done, only paused but then not even that.  It's all just going.  The things we might casually tell our children might be so misleading.  Reconsider.


the figure on the right is trying to escape as if that is even possible

I placed it, Everything is So Fragile, over Heal, which has become almost a regular ceremony for the unfinished lately... now thinking healing is never finished.

appearing and disappearing is a natural kind of trickery

And then over something else, just to give it a border.  loving how the figures on the edge spill into nothingness.  But in no way gone.

I will create another border for it then because what is underneath is something else that is not done either. And I want to continue.


  1. I enjoy knowing I have two “unfinished” kimonos that I can work on whenever I have a lull in more immediate projects and desperately need to stitch! Or sometimes I just want a break from having to figure something out and go back to them… like old friends that I know will be there to add to and journey with for a very long time. Maybe to the end.

  2. Tania Botoulas

    “Healing is never finished” resonates with me very deeply. And yes, it is like layers – healing different layers. And like a scar, that reminds of a physical wound, layers of skin all healing at different times and stages, so emotional wounds heal, in layers, at different times, leaving an unseen scar, that every now and then is noticed again.

  3. cednie

    I’m so inspired by the cloth called Heal and its ceremony. So many things around here need healing. Not to mention so many things unfinished, but that doesn’t bother me as much. Hmmmm…

  4. debgorr

    If nothing is finished, then nothing is wasted and there is always opportunity, always hope. Thinking more about this…

  5. Vicki Fitzgibbon

    So often I have an idea and closely follow that with …what will it be ?what will it be for?
    So I don’t.
    Maybe I should
    Maybe I will

  6. Jen NyBlom

    another paragraph, another chapter, another story, another lifetime…another Path, and we are just going…or pausing.
    and that’s ok 😀

  7. Sue McQuade

    Sometimes, I think “finished” is overrated. We are not “finished,” yet. So, unfinished projects are just journeying along with us. Blessings Dear Jude.

  8. Healing continues without an end, per se…but sometimes a long pause where no movement is noticed. Perhaps with cloth too…what is happening when we aren’t looking?

  9. Sharon Koch

    interesting how the context or backdrop in which we see a cloth (or a person) changes how we see them ‘n our perception of what they’re saying to us…

  10. Judy

    What a concept! I’d never thought of leaving something unfinished intentionally…I certainly have several unfinished projects but those are typically ignored, considered failures because they didn’t conform to the finished ‘rule’. So this is a new way to consider…And why not? We change, life happens and we’re impacted. Thanks again Jude for opening up the possibilities!

    • jude

      well finished is just a state of mind really. Sometimes I stop and say ok done, but that is just an arbitrary reference point in time, maybe because it seems useful at the moment. I always feel my work continues even after it leaves my hands.

  11. Jana

    The eyes of the moon … watching the flight of the beasts above her brow … and yet also below her chin … in orbit together.

  12. Kim

    I also, for some reason, leave my pieces in what others would consider an unfinished state. I think it’s because there are so many possible ways to finish. Until I know what it’s purpose will be or until I’m ready to part with it, I can never decide which way to go.

  13. True, true, true…learning that there is always room for another step forward or back, one more reach or try, is hard to remember, and practice sometimes. Especially with people.

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