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Time will Tell

Working through this one is helping me let certain things go.   I need to truly hold myself in what is and how much things have changed and let go of pretending I can repair a broken spell. There is magic in how things appear and magic in how things disappear.  And then in between,  the magic we often miss.  The JUST IS.

I know, vague. But words will not work. And really it's just a personal trip I am on.  I feel differently about my creative work and have not found a way to share the true sense of it.

each moment , a new world.

Nigella seed pod, love forever in the mist.

The Nigella, the Love in the Mist has gone to seed. It is spreading everywhere and the deer don't eat it.  The deer eat most everything the groundhogs leave.  I have decided once and for all to just encourage the natural growth here... and except for garlic and mustard greens, I have officially left "food gardening" behind.  I shall tend to what grows here and will study up on native plants.  Buy produce from local organic growers.  We are considering bees.

Nuthin' like the real thing

The catnip thrives,  Soul-O says, this is some "good shit."



    I’m having to let go of my fantasy life I thought I’d have here too, the rabbits eat the bottom, the roe deer eat the top, and the rain or drought finishes whats left-so no food, but I garden with wildflowers anyway(have for 30yrs)so plenty of colour for the soul-plans are daft I think
    -the silks are definitely paint washes of fabric-liking that
    ooo the mergeing of two elements to make something different to both, now i’m excited

    • jude

      yes, the bees and butterflies are very happy too.
      silk is amazing, I am used to working with it now and ultimately it will bring me back to watercolor on paper I think.

  2. I think I understand what you mean when you speak about ‘sense’ . And I think I understand your work and how you might be feeling differently about it. xo And if I don’t understand, that’s also OK. love you and your work dear Jude x

    • jude

      A sense is probably more like thinking we understand, and we don’t know do we? oh ha!
      There is something really different in my head in terms of cloth work lately and I need to make room for it. Thank you for stopping by to chat .❤

  3. debgorr

    I’d like to keep bees but I really don’t have the right space for it…a traffic pattern that makes sense for them, so I just content myself with providing plants they like. I found some love in the mist growing in my garden. Thought it was all gone and that I’d have to reseed but no there it was!

    • jude

      with all the wildflowers that took here, there are so many bees. Probably that should be enough but the Man has always had it in his head…to keep bees. Keep Bees, how funny that sounds today. Those Nigella are popping up everywhere.

  4. Sandra

    This piece exudes love..as I see it..it’s tender… the face, that may be you, looking out from your world..? Softness, swirly-ness, beautiful romantic rose.. a certain preciseness, love knots..feather-ly, floaty….it
    is a love letter..

  5. Valerianna Claff

    So, even on your deck the gardening isn’t working? Oh well… local farms and stands is what I do, hard soil and not full sun in the forest, I surrendered to that early on.

  6. Becky McQueen

    Oh, understand about the gardening. Our garden was fenced by the folks who built this house, so deer don’t get in, but the ground squirrels are maniacs and like to tear things out of the ground, even if they aren’t eating it. They are so busy and adorable, but they have the things they must do, in spite of our desires.😊

  7. Jen NyBlom

    I really like this “conversation” you are having with yourself (the cloth) so many interconnecting, seemingly random (but not) thots…I, too, tend not to voice what is “really” going on inside…

    Also having a tough time with food gardening this year, not deer–BUGS. Ugh….
    (but it is to be expected as I live next door to “America’s Amazon” (Mobile/Tensaw Delta—yeesh)
    I have “threatened” that I’ll just plant all the raised veggie boxes full of FLOWERS next year instead!!! HAH.
    (Maybe “Love in a mist”!!)

    My HUGE catnip plant is Thriving!

    • jude

      Probably part of it is energy and need. We do not need to grow food. Some small farms around here need to sell food. I am sorting through this stuff, things change over time and some things are just habit. Stuff is growing here, and I get joy from that. Knowing about that. Energy is more limited and what I spend my time doing seems more rooted in the useful and so I am reconsidering all things!

      • Jen NyBlom

        yes, the energy limitations. (I so “get” that, esp this year)
        we, unfortunately, do not have local organic farms …but we do have neighbors that share 🙂

  8. j

    My 63 yrs finally qualifies me to say “enough” whatever the situation. Remote cabin life makes it easier. Me too, for growing less food stuff. Rhubard only here. A fine organic farm down the lane helps. Sigh.

    • jude

      I’m sitting steadily with this one. My older selves are pouring into it, swiftly actually, I am emptying myself. I need an empty basket.

  9. Tania Botoulas

    I began bee keeping after a swarm choose my birdbath as an ideal spot. Extremely rewarding, although I have learned to have a healthy respect for them after a few rather nasty stings. Keep them well away from the house and any potential noise- making (mowing, chain saws, even loud talk or laughter).

  10. Alison R

    Whatever you do, you inspire me. Just reading through Sun,Moon and Stars and I’m in another world and doodling a sun with sun rays reaching out over the sky. And fluffy Angel-like flower clouds. Thinking about the different qualities of sunlight,moonlight and starlight. Silver ,Gold and Iridescent. The moon last night was a tiny bright crescent moon . So beautiful.

  11. Susan Thompson

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and work. I feel comforted and reminded. This spheres piece is so rich and speaks to me in ways I can’t name but am grateful for.

  12. the swirl of sheer cloth (silk, I’m guessing) looks like both the eye of a moth’s wing and the eye of a hurricane …

    and nearby, the feathered trace of a magic circle … such a feeling of happiness there

  13. Joelle Baum

    I highly recommend be keeping! If you can connect with a local bee keeper for mentoring you can see what all is involved before making the investment 👍🏻🐝

  14. janstevenson

    when our creative work becomes supporting truly creative work of others in the thin spaces where we don’t want to impose ourselves, yet begin to trace the gossamer lines of connection and how that grows naturally. the kitty boy here has finally begun to pull catnip leaves for himself from the planter – – -instead of being hand-fed. he’s only 12 years old.

    • JayJay

      I love your thought about letting go of “pretending I can repair a broken spell.”

      Many times I lose interest in a piece and stop working on it because I have learned from it and am no longer engaged with it. Your words remind me to recognize the changing magic and move deeper into “the magic in between”. You provided a potent little nugget for me today. Thank you.

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