jude hill spirit cloth

How time just…

slip slidin' away...

So Ok,  I'll be working to gather the loose pages then, for publication. which might seem simple to some, but still quite daunting to me. At least I have direction. I store them mostly in a big cardboard box, actually now there are 2.  But I am finding them everywhere, even beneath my pillow.

Some spring cleaning then,  need that anyway.

I connected a few loose dyed patches this morning.  To remind me of time passing and how softly June has emerged from May's shadow.

I may just review Small Cloth Class from last year.  See if there might be more to say there.

I give up with the sunflowers

Some things I keep planting will not grow here.

wild is enough, fleabane

And then some things just do, with out my interfering.

holding time

Over time, I learn.

So, the moon, here even more about time,  here it's interesting, as something small enough to hold and how that feels. Holding, perhaps the time it takes to learn. Or at least a sense of it.


  1. over the years I’ve learned that mother nature does a far better job of planting (and then growing) seeds than I ever could … and so I try to make the way easier for the volunteers, weeding out competitors and pruning to encourage new growth … we do what we can

  2. Joanne in Maine

    Funny how some things will grow- take right to the soil…and others curl and wilt and die. Like people I guess.
    I have things to set into the ground. I hesitate. But perhaps the cold and the rain ..here.. is finally done- it’s June.

  3. debgorr

    It’s taken me 3 or 4 tries to get a fig that would live through the winter & is happy where I planted it. I’ve tried a different location each time. Finally I have one that is looking really good. And I am so glad that it is one my mom gave me from her collection. Micro climates are a real thing around here. I have a few of your loose pages from classes that I’ve printed. They always make me smile. Those moons do too.

  4. Valerianna Claff

    Lots of things won’t grow here, in a clearing in the forest of moss and ferns and acidic soil. If I am really good at keeping up with putting ash down and compost, I have better luck. But, the last couple of years, things just didn’t get done. So now I’m thinking about a garden renovation in places where the plants aren’t thriving… some small shrubs that won’t mind the acid. That was my favorite moon of the collection 🙂

  5. Acey

    what didn’t grow? Do you know or did you scatter mixed seeds? I wondered if it was a sunflower, in the first image about stuff not growing.

    • jude

      Sunflowers wont grow here. Some get snipped off or eaten and some get some strange mold. I stopped using neem oil, I heard it was toxic to bees.

  6. cednie

    such a nice way to honor the passing from May to June. After three days of rain, our greenness has exploded and I am eager to get the rest of the garden planted. A joyous time of year.

  7. Sharon Koch

    cloth measures time so gently ‘n beautifully. a quiet fading away. transformation. holding vintage cloth seems to hold me. wearing it, a hug from what was. little bits sewn together, like words of comfort. whispering. x

  8. vickiseastrom

    Wondering if the tooth fairy left that page under your pillow? I am aware that I am working on openness. Today’s gratitude quote: “We can respond to what calls out to us when we allow ourselves to be open.” -Sharon Salzberg

      • vickiseastrom

        It is not simple to be open, it is downright difficult. Magical thinking is that if I am open in some place in my life, I can be open everywhere. It just ain’t so. Thank you helping me own that.

  9. JennAnn

    Pages – yes! Over a decade ago, before I had a laptop, I was in-patient for many months for cancer treatment. I printed out pages from your blog to keep me grounded and inspired. Definitely count me in for a copy when you publish!

  10. Jana

    I enjoy so much the reverence and delight I find here. Two boxes of reverence and delight sprinkled with faery dust = good book. 😊

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