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what’s on hand

The other side of shelter

I ended up with more of a smolder than a fire. Because of what was on hand.

smolder, to exist in a state of suppressed activity

Continuing to build, considering Shelter.  This sheer silk gauze was dyed by Glennis (resource page), years ago, and today it grew into something quite beautiful.  I tacked the edges with tiny stitches that do not go through.  It has no weight, but the cloth is way stronger.  Since I have not completed the stitches that hold the layers together, the quilting, I will continue and there will be enough of them to hold this silk in place.

Silk is more often my cloth of choice these days.  I have many silk stories.

Still.  So many stories are never told.


  1. Joy in az

    I too am hearing the stories waiting to be told from my cloth stashes…funny but the cloth seems eager to get started, like there are many stories to tell & I’d better get going before my years end. I’m working on space for them now

  2. Sharon Koch

    these tiny magical stitches speak to me of the alchemy that constantly surrounds us, tho often going unnoticed. the smoke of it ascends like prayers. the strength of weightlessness. love how each of us reads this story differently. x

  3. Jean Elliott

    I love this! I was given a designers sample wedding dress..lots of puffs & ruffles..it’s 100% silk. I took it apart & washed it. I’m going to try to dye some of it. I have been saving avacado pits to use.

  4. Vicki Reth

    my first thought of the image, without reading the thoughts was of a sturdy tree trunk. Solid. supportive. reaching down to the earth.

  5. janstevenson

    good morning, Jude. it’s just about still morning here. your whole piece reminds me of a chimney somehow. it’s a good time to think about fire here, as we move towards summer. not the outer relationship with it; rather, the inner fire, which I think we don’t always understand so well. how we bank down the fire to preserve it. you folks with woodburning stoves understand this well. there is also the element of insulation from the heat. the heat of over-doing, or worry, or irritation with others. it’s a tricky and delicate balance. thank you for making me think about these things today. (smiles)

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