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It was early in the morning.  I woke earlier than usual because the pain in my knees, due to an injury sustained in the garden weeks back, wouldn't let me sleep.  And suddenly it was an arrow, and I imagined it spinning, like on a gameboard called Heal.  And the other side too.  Shelter simply became a way.  This way and then that way.

And then.

I made Heal into a drawing.

I had coffee. And then another.

I did some soft yoga for my knees.

Deer walked through. (I planted hostas for them , far from the garden.)

I am pointed toward the garden now.

I will move the compost to make room for a new raised bed we will build this weekend.

The old blog is open and will remain while I extract what I need.

I am here to complete my book.  This journal/blog is for that.

I am moving toward weaving and drawing for new work.


I revisited my old online classes.

I think they could become just one thing. This idea began to form as I tried to figure out how to move them from Typepad.   And so I will begin, here, revisiting the lessons one by one. Make them more current.  And then they will just disappear in their current form. Poof. And all will be new.

I woke up laughing, despite the pain,  and that is a very good sign.


  1. I enjoyed this post. I am an avid gardener with a big garden and I can relate to knee pain and various other places.
    At one time I had a blog on Typepad, and wanted to create a website and blog on Squarespace. The folks at Squarespace said the blog at Typepad, couldn’t be copied and transferred directly to Squarespace….but, the Typepad blog could be copied and transferred to WordPress (I then created a free account at WP just for that purpose) and then it could be copied and transferred to Squarespace. We did that and it was super easy. So, having said all that, perhaps there is a way for you, just check with your website host to see what suggestions they might have. Or, it might evolve organically as you said above.

  2. Jen NyBlom

    I have been weaving the gardens together, tucking “threads” here, clipping “cloth” there, enjoying the creation coming together in a riot of pattern and color (flowers) and wide places to rest the eye—(grass) and a little embroidery here and there (statuary) The weather is grand~~ Nature calls.

    Laughter is the best medicine for what ails.


  3. Martine Bos

    I woke up laughing, despite the pain, and that is a very good sign. How wonderful that is Jude……..
    I woke up this morning from a dream with a huge smile on my face. I think i’m gonna blog about it………..

  4. cednie

    I’m energized by your post! Weaving and drawing and a book! And a new raised bed, and healing and consolidating and letting go of the old blog … It all sounds wonderful!

  5. Sharon Koch

    to find you here this morning, rising above the pain. spinning in a new direction. the lessons moving here. and WEAVING!!! these things make my heart leap with JOY!

  6. Carol

    Laughter, if you can find it, always helps to ignore to some extent, the pain. Glad to hear you’re making a new raised bed. Good luck with it all.

  7. Valerianna Claff

    Laughing is good medicine… glad you got a dose. I’m going to search for some today, thanks for the reminder. I’m really soothed by the colors of the border in the big cloth, thanks for that, too.

  8. A game for life! Ah, yes knee pain (mine, always there, degrees of awful changes) and now new stress response – shoulder-to-wing area freezes up, very painful. I’ve been working on not letting things bother me, what I can control. Okay, enough boring.
    That cloth-drawing is spectacular! And if you’ve begun a list for your book, please put my name down. 🙂
    Sending love.

  9. janstevenson

    I really love this, Jude. what our pain is telling us. and how you let it show you what to do. without cliches.

  10. Pam S.

    Healing sounds good! I planted some of your indigo seedings outside this morning that sprouted for me indoors! Fingers crossed that they grow and I can see their blooms!

  11. Love the idea of a spinning directional focus changer. Healing takes such a long time as we age. I got into a bad place a few weeks ago. Now I have to tell myself stop. Stop Now. Change focus. Lie down, sit, move, don’t move, get up. Spin again.

  12. snicklefritzin43

    Time when allowed to speak to us brings change…some gentle, some with a bit more “punch”…love the idea of planting the hostas for the deer. May your knee find time to heal and make those gardening tasks more comfortable. New raised bed sounds wonderful to me.

  13. grace

    weaving and drawing.

    yes, similar here. not weaving, but drawing. to illustrate Thought, illustrate FeltSense. illustration.
    i even like how the word illustration feels in my mouth.
    Good thoughts to carry into the day. For me, the weaving would be the small cloth collages, those Invocations.

    the old online classes…they are part of my body

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