jude hill spirit cloth

Just Spring in the Valley

Second Spring here.

So I can say Spring in the Valley again.

fog moving in, rain later.

find your spot

And allergies. It's been very dry. It's going to rain for a few days, that usually helps.

it begins with green

Not a lot of thoughts here except I think I will begin with  green.   And then, that stray red thread, a reminder of the fire inside.  I thought that when I saw it.  I think I will leave it beneath what ever gets stitched there.  It is often not noticed, but the spark remains. I thought that next.

And I think I will revisit GROW.



  1. Very Japanese… and now all I can see is the dog! The little red thread took me to those pinky flowers at the lower edge of your magnolia photo. We have both those magnolia trees and the white flowering ones here in Virginia. Not in my yard but all around. I had not seen the pink ones before.

  2. Jen NyBlom

    I see your cairn and I love the still life created with Soul-O, the watering can and jar.
    Spent most of the day working on a flowerbed (weeding!) and now I have a stuffy nose.
    Ain’t allergies grand? HAH.

  3. Sharon Koch

    love the hand-drawn lines on the white cloth beside the paperless pieced white squares with black thread. the unseen layers are deeply felt. often more “real” that what’s seen. x

  4. Martha

    I’m so glad to see this. I am just back from a walk near my house and actually took pictures of neighbor’s versions of this tree. I was hoping to determine what kind of tree they were. We have southern magnolia at our house – they are very different. I’m wondering if this is the Loebner magnolia or something else? It is common here in the Atlanta area, beautiful at this time of year, creating carpets of pink on the gray concrete driveways. I think I like the carpet better than the actually blooming tree, and together they are spirit-lifting.

  5. Kathleen S Case

    i see a dog face in the brown fabric. A sideview. The pin is his eye. And the Magnolia tree looks lovely. Natural beauty!

  6. Marti

    The soft presence of the magnolia in the landscape soothes. In one of the homes that we owned in CA, we had a huge magnolia tree, the species that has brown coloring on the other side of its green leaves. One year I got ambitious and picked a lot of thel eaves to make a wreath, interspersing the green and the brown leaves. Added a few pine cones, and a simple burlap ribbon, not at all elaborate but beautiful in its own way. To this day, it remains one of my favorite holiday decorations to place on the front door.

  7. Pam S.

    Beautiful tree! Our magnolia trees here have giant white flowers.
    I hope you don’t get the storm we had yesterday! Spent some scary moments sheltered in closet from tornado warning and power out for 13 hrs…. not fun 😕

  8. Alice Zalik

    The magnolia is spectacular! It looks as though there was a bit of fog, but it adds to the magnolia’s beauty. Love the little cairn too.

  9. cednie

    I once wrote a poem about magnolias which had the phrase “holding all your handkerchiefs.” I think of that phrase whenever I see them. The flowering quince is gorgeous too – love that color.

    • jude

      Ha, perfect.
      I like that color too, in the landscape, needs some clean up and pruning. Thorny but the deer still munch on it.

  10. Jana Jopson

    The spark beneath … reminds me of the artisans who sculpted or carved works of art in hidden places as cathedrals were being built, never to be seen by human eye. But they were still a presence, weren’t they? Like that tiny red thread, making a difference to the whole.

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