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Just Good Morning

cloth and coffee

There's a full pink moon coming in April

Just Home, nursing a spider bite and an injured knee. Neither terribly serious but bothersome. I did a bit of patching over this sketch, Skitch Skatch.  As I continued, I thought about how much the character of a cloth affects how you can work with it.  That's true of everything , even people.  But back to cloth then,  many times materials are rejected because I cannot work with them.  Or then techniques might be avoided because what I have on hand drives me to a new direction. That's why I need to talk more about cloth.

no way I can be here every day

The One Thing that should be most obvious by now,  to me, and to those around me, is that I can't make plans, set goals, or follow the leader.  I make lists and never read them. Mostly because I have seen the fruitfulness in changing my mind.  So following me becomes a bit of a wild goose chase.  Frustrating many and confusing just as many.  At the same time though, I hold a sort of consistency in that. That, in perspective, holds it together.

Still I am always tempted to create  a sense that my confusing behavior contains some purposeful logic.  It doesn't.  I am Just Going. For me, the path that offers the way Ways Through.

Before we moved, I began a personal project.  I started with my son. Because we were chatting, and he asked me what I was thinking.  I asked him to give me 9 words.  Could he describe me in 9 words.  Not necessarily nice words but 9 words he might use.

I have them here, next to the 9 words I would use. Some of them are the same, some are surprising.

I will need more folks to join in.  I am not looking for flattery, just honesty.  These words will not be published.  I will not judge.  You need not explain. Just words.  PLEASE DO NOT POST THE WORDS HERE.  Use the contact form or email me if you have them to share. No rush.


Fallen Beauty

a split trunk, left from some pruning around power lines. It has what seems to me, a very old birthing canal

Out walking, limping really, between April Showers.


  1. I need time for none words. What comes to mind is seeing in beauty, is there a word for that. Navajo weavers talk about walking in beauty . You seem to see beauty where others do not. I appreciate you .

just share what moves through you...