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Just Good Morning

cloth and coffee

There's a full pink moon coming in April

Just Home, nursing a spider bite and an injured knee. Neither terribly serious but bothersome. I did a bit of patching over this sketch, Skitch Skatch.  As I continued, I thought about how much the character of a cloth affects how you can work with it.  That's true of everything , even people.  But back to cloth then,  many times materials are rejected because I cannot work with them.  Or then techniques might be avoided because what I have on hand drives me to a new direction. That's why I need to talk more about cloth.

no way I can be here every day

The One Thing that should be most obvious by now,  to me, and to those around me, is that I can't make plans, set goals, or follow the leader.  I make lists and never read them. Mostly because I have seen the fruitfulness in changing my mind.  So following me becomes a bit of a wild goose chase.  Frustrating many and confusing just as many.  At the same time though, I hold a sort of consistency in that. That, in perspective, holds it together.

Still I am always tempted to create  a sense that my confusing behavior contains some purposeful logic.  It doesn't.  I am Just Going. For me, the path that offers the way Ways Through.

Before we moved, I began a personal project.  I started with my son. Because we were chatting, and he asked me what I was thinking.  I asked him to give me 9 words.  Could he describe me in 9 words.  Not necessarily nice words but 9 words he might use.

I have them here, next to the 9 words I would use. Some of them are the same, some are surprising.

I will need more folks to join in.  I am not looking for flattery, just honesty.  These words will not be published.  I will not judge.  You need not explain. Just words.  PLEASE DO NOT POST THE WORDS HERE.  Use the contact form or email me if you have them to share. No rush.


Fallen Beauty

a split trunk, left from some pruning around power lines. It has what seems to me, a very old birthing canal

Out walking, limping really, between April Showers.


  1. I need time for none words. What comes to mind is seeing in beauty, is there a word for that. Navajo weavers talk about walking in beauty . You seem to see beauty where others do not. I appreciate you .

  2. You can and do make plans, and sometimes they change or evolve as they need to. It’s all part of your flow and the comforting rocking that is part of you. I make lists and usually lose them, hoping that the act of writing puts what’s needed into my mind. As for the words- a college class once did something similar, I remember one word hurt my feelings, but then I said to myself, “They just don’t know me.” Thinking on your 9… & hoping you’re feeling better.

  3. Vicki

    Jude it has taken me all day to think about this post,while I was housewifing and stitching ..more stitching than the other of course…
    My first thought was how very organic that tree photographed, almost human anatomy with spread legs. Hope its ok to say that.
    The weed stalk and space above made a flower bud shape.
    My daughter messaged me just now asking for 3 words to describe her… coincidence?
    I replied.. having great enthusiasm, loving and loyal
    Your list of 9 requires a bit more thinking but then I’ve known her for 43 years
    I hope that in the end you will feel that you can share your son’s words and your own

  4. I don’t really feel I know you well enough to come up with nine words. But I will think about it and if I come up with any, I’ll send them. I think I’d like to ask my son to do the same for me.

    I chuckled when I read about lists never read. My sister is always telling me the way to get things done is to make a list. She finds it difficult to grasp that anyone can make lists and not read use them. But she is very goal oriented [the only one of 2 parents and 4 siblings . . . (gee, maybe she really was adopted or switched at birth as she claimed she was. LOL)].

    My mind is buzzing with thoughts ignited by your post. Too many and, at this point, too scattered and too personal to put in a comment, but I really appreciate the stimulus.

  5. Jude, love your comment “make lists but never read them”! – It struck a cord with me. I will hold on to the phrase “Just Going”. Perhaps we are wayfarers, not going from A to B in order to get there, but following a path that follows our curiosity and interests.

  6. Patricia B Jacobs

    Love the fallen tree with the hole through it! I’m going to have to try the nine word thing. Interesting. Take care!

    • jude

      the bite is just maddening itch and the joint problems are ongoing, just a bit of mismanagement on my part.
      After all these years, cloth has become a friend and I have come to know it so well. There is ease, I hardly even know that I am thinking about it when I choose.

  7. Sharon Koch

    when you first wrote that you would be “here” every day, i understood you to mean that your heart would be here every day. that the spirit connection would be ongoing. posting is just part of that interaction. your time in the garden is essential as well. walking. thinking. being. we ragmates totally get this and totally love you for it. just grateful. xox

  8. I’ve always been cautious about making declarations of plans or what I would or wouldn’t do. It’s hard for me to back up publicly or to feel like I’ve broken a promise. But I’m not sure the silent lack of commitment is a better trait. I have come to trust that you will do what you need to do for yourself and in the process you usually share something that I need to hear or see. Maybe I’ve relaxed into your seasons and I do trust that.

  9. Ripening field in the distance, tiers of wild grasses in the foreground, low smoke drifting from a chimney, front door on opposite side of house.

    Went to see a counselor (some 50 years ago), greatly concerned that I did not have goals and plans like my college classmates. “Oh,” he said, “that just means you are a process person and not a goal person.” Liberation.

    Love everything here. However it presents itself. All sacred offerings.

  10. cednie

    I love the little starburst at the peak of the roof, like a receptor for the pink moon. I like to click on your cloth images so I can examine them closely. I will send 9 words after pondering awhile.

    • Miss Caraway

      How familiar it feels to my interior world to have plans or directions that veer here and there almost at will. Ideas that run out of time or become layered . You’re voicing of this path makes my own deep thinking and restlessness more comfortable. I am thankful for your open generosity.

  11. at this stage of the game your “just going” becoming “what else is there?” pretty much sums it up and being pleasantly surprised to wake up each morning !

  12. Throughout my life, I’ve always looked for the means, not the end – often to the consternation of others. Your just going works just fine with me. In fact, I love it.

  13. I had my brother help me push over an apple tree trunk that was composting at the base. I am going to use it as a nursery log. I don’t find you confusing & I am game, will send list. 🙂

  14. Pam S.

    Already have words popping in my head 🤔all good 😁 Scary to ask my daughter and son to describe me in nine words! 😬

  15. Marti

    First photo, an echo of my morning: this morning early, I deconstructed some of my old naturally dyed cloths. Many shades of brown because I dyed with walnuts, acorns, crab apple bark, even New Mexico dirt. When my tea was ready, I took my cup outside to the table on our patio out front then went back, grabbed a handful of these brown, earth patches, lay them on the dirt in the little planted area , facing the apple tree and introduced them to this place…

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