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The Garden Pat(c)h

I needed a new path

So still patchwork. Yesterday I worked in the dirt.

dividing space

This raised bed was here.  Huge, 12 feet square inside.  I like that it is square but I really can't get to the growing space. I divided it into 4 beds with 2 foot paths.  Then, I was online, pricing garden supplies, when my other self suddenly blurted out "Fuck You". Like I need to pay you for stones, soil? What in the world are we thinking really?  Anyway, it took me most of the day to get this far. And it's going to rain tomorrow so I will be outside most of today trying to finish.

A little more work on the Just Home Series.  Talking then, sorry, there were some remnants of raisins in my mouth...

and now there are 4.




  1. Sharon Koch

    love the blur between the indoor and outdoor. patchwork and pathwork. a garden with rooms. a bed for plants… these storybook cottages make my heart sing. x

    • Marti

      I had to jump in here because while we never had had a lot of land in the homes that we owned, our home in the bay area of CA was on a 1/2 acre that came with cherry and lemon trees and some fir trees as well. We created 2 gardens on that 1/2 acre, a veggie garden and a cutting flower garden and that meant hauling rocks and smoothing the dirt, over and over. Our next door neighbors one afternoon came to the fence because they could hear me laughing…I was laughing because I was “dirt” surfing. R had gotten a huge piece of wide board, nailed a heavy rope to it, tied the rope around his waist, asked me to get on the board and he towed me as if I were surfing on the land, I had to keep my balance, arms out and it did indeed look like I was surfing the dirt to make it smooth in preparation for garden beds! This is one of my most endearing garden memories…

  2. cednie

    Nice garden plot! Ours is in rows. Maybe someday I’ll make it squares. I love how you are stitching a little village.

  3. Yes that’s a bed that needs to be divided. I’ve read that 4 feet is about the span of a useful raised bed, so that the middle can be reached from all edges. Just about sunrise here and the chickadees are calling. The hill house made me smile.

  4. Hah, I laughed at your comment about the stones! I love using ours for various things, and you have a bunch there… love the way you are dividing the square into patches, even if it’s 4 instead of 9!

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