jude hill spirit cloth

At Spring’s Edge

I love a Selvedge

Soul-o has found his favorite spot.

He's been following the paths I've created.  It feels like the map for a new journey.


  1. Aud Reiss

    The sensitivity you have and are is a treasured salve, here in my little, challenging world. Thank you. It keeps ‘this’ part of me alive. It is a ‘lifeline’, it is my stuff of life! Grief in covid times and surviving huge changes knocks a person out of synch….. self edges is a deeply relevant thought, in lots of ways. My edges are blurred, sense of self hardly there. And I see that an edge doesn’t need to be harsh or straight to exist and be seen, it can be gentle and soft. Your edges blend the whole with kindness and beauty…… so the thoughts are this morning and gratitude felt and a sense of belonging nurtured, xxxxx

  2. Jen NyBlom

    I see Soul-O is practicing being edge-worthy too…I was just playing with cloth self-edge moments before coming here…hmm, wave-lengths 😉

  3. Sharon Koch

    fun viewing your archive ‘n current posts side-by-side… right now, reading about how soul-o first came to you. how the man added an extra little step on the ladder for the wee kitten. love is patient. x

  4. cednie

    I love selvedges too. When I first encountered them as a young (and lazy) sewer, I wanted to use them instead of hemming my handmade clothing. I was disappointed to realize that would be a huge waste of fabric. Soul-o is the master of all he surveys!

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