jude hill spirit cloth

Where am i ?

There are things on walls here.  Much time has passed and is passing. They continue on and off. I keep less track than I used to. Almost forgetting now.  Not trying to keep track. This has become a good thing. It is like starting over which is what I feel being here at WordPress now is about.

Just looking then (for me, a thought catching process). Today and for how long it takes to sense where to go next.   Where am i?  I started my Typepad blog like that.  After stating my quest. Does "starting over" mean to leave it all behind? Is that even possible?

a newish sketch, an older cloth, and a sense of the timelessness of connection

something happening once again in the deep pool of thought.

a cloth for no reason and a cloth now called always connecting to some old delves


  1. Sandra

    Your drawing tugs at my heart. It conjures up many possible stories. I do like this drawing very much. And the “embroidered drawing over a splotchy cloth” is fabulous.

  2. hmm…the phrase “hitting the wall” came to me. Thinking, do we have to stop to start over? I took something apart this morning, thinking to use it in a different way. I wasn’t thinking starting over, but rather transforming, evolving as Nancy said.

    • jude

      I agree. A long deep sleep and I’m facing the fact that you cannot start over. Just reach back perhaps to the first dot I might remember and begin connecting them again maybe. And transformation will surely result. I think my questions go to something different. Maybe I am not being honest with myself. Anyway, still swimming around in a deep pool of thought.

  3. Vicki

    But thats what life is, all tangled together, isn’t it? And sometimes you get a chance to stop and look, hang lots of things on the wall and step back, look and remember and think. Sometimes everything just goes back in the cupboard it all came from and you carry on, and sometimes a new direction is clear.

  4. Reading everything here made me realize that my slow and not quite steady deep house cleaning is a starting over. Getting rid of the might-have-beens that have become never-will-bes, Which makes it possible to see new, at least clearer, paths for what is left. Sometimes literally (The shelf may not be empty, but now I can see what’s on it.) and sometimes creatively (because I know I’m never going to do that with this item, how can I use it for what I am doing?). Being directionless has never greatly bothered me. Not even in practical real life, unless I need to end up somewhere specific.

    You have the direction where your content leads. It is Spirit Cloth (which I kind of see as a literal spirit of cloth, a muse, or a goddess). Let the Spirit (Cloth) lead. Since it is also a learning process, I hope you don’t leave it behind in the sense of removing it. Starting over . . . well just go forward. I don’t think one can leave “everything” behind, but it probably isn’t necessary to pack it up and carry it with you. What you need will follow (or precede) you.

  5. Sharon Koch

    for me, each day is starting over. someone asked you once how you found the cloth you needed, with so many baskets. your response was to simply work with what’s at hand. so freeing for me. in circular time, the “old” comes back around. what joy to see it with new eyes. as you say, making that “connection”. how nice to venture off the wall. x

    • jude

      Probably there are many levels of starting over. Some we might never consider. A “new day” can be a very big thing …

  6. Is starting over really just a form of continuing, maybe with different stuff in your suitcase? I don’t believe there is a way to totally start over (believe me, I’ve tried!), but maybe we drop off what we no longer want/need/use…and maybe there are some breaks in the trail where we pause before leaping or bridges where we walk a bit more gingerly, but are so grateful for them being there. Maybe. Evolution of self?
    The first pic, the drawing…the creature on the right looks so sad. I hope their hearts are feeling better and connecting again. xo

    • jude

      I love this, the evolution of self. like tree rings maybe?
      the drawing was made in a moment of great sadness. but drawing helped.

  7. Starting Over.
    i look at these words this early morning and just sit….looking at these words and breathing.
    How everything feels at the Edge of a starting over, the necessity of beginning again with the “tools”
    of a new phone to replace the old no longer functioning one, the necessity of moving the blog “house”,
    The beginning again and in large part from scratch, with a completely different Garden space and “plan”,
    Watching a Goat…is she bred? Will there be new kids next month?
    and i look out the window up into this forest and
    think about how a 3 year old got new shoes, with tread, how
    last eve she tried them out climbing trees, going so much higher than she was ever able to before….a
    BIG starting over for her and her exuberant joy at beginning again, new. new tools. new possibilities
    and really, a new her. how she did not hesitate.
    and now i read your words here and feel an opening to seeing it all as ….uhhhhh, as something to

    • jude

      as long as there is a new day here, all has become welcome. It is good to learn new things in older age anyway. keeps the brain waves flowing.

  8. Patricia Jacobs

    Love your “wall” today! If you dyed the blue sun (moon), how did you get all those wonderful triangles around it? Asking for a friend. Have a great day!

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