jude hill spirit cloth

patching it together

This is where I began a compost pile. For mulched leaves after mapping and clearing some paths. I removed some brush so it can actually be seen from the kitchen window. It almost seems carved. I feel protected somehow. And the place here seems to be sharing story.

I cannot believe I did not see this before.  The face. Sitting right there at the highest point on the property.  The surveyor.  I will name it that for now. Or no, Keeper of the Higher Ground.

I am using this small project, from here, to test a few options for video and audio before I begin again here. In this one, the video was recorded and the audio track was added over it.  Just testing the option.

The little Japanese teapot is from Richard Carbin (resource page).  We got about 12 butternuts last year, they sprouted by themselves from the compost.

So here we are.  A little long cloth in April.  I was going to put this in the shop as a stitching base.  But I am in it now.  And I want to test the saying till I finish, step by step as I also prep my video skills to continue.  Also here is the last butternut squash from last summer.  They kept well in the basement, Time to prepare a more organized "root cellar" set up.  I will grow lots of potatoes this year. And do some preserving and drying.

We did get a bit of snow and it is cold, but another warm up is on it's way.

I think the next layer on this one will be some drawing. But not too much more.  It  really needs to be about simple.


  1. Helen Lee

    I finally got to watch and listen to this video. I like the audio overlay, and I love the silences. Music would spoil the meditative peace for me.

  2. Carolyn

    I look forward to your emails. I really enjoy watching you stitch, never boring… your stitching and voice are so relaxing. Thank you for sharing your Art. Xo

  3. Lee Ann Grush

    Thank you for this vid… I find it very soothing to watch you stitch… I have been playing around with needles and threads this last year and get inspiration from man6 places and people ( like you )!

  4. Alice

    What an amazing rock! He looks a bit like the Easter Island monoliths. I’d christen him the Guardian of Hill House and plant some daffodils on the left side to bring him some cheer each spring.

  5. Sharon Koch

    it seems the land itself is awakening to your spirit… the outdoor loom may bring more guardians out of hiding! the weaving from such a frame will be magical indeed!… and a video of you weaving fringe? eeeeeeeee… x

  6. Rosalyn Schultze

    Reminds me of The Man on the Mountain which broke and fell several years ago (Franconia Notch, NH). Perhaps he has relocated to a more spiritual and creative area…

  7. Jen NyBlom

    Your spot just keeps getting better and better—I love how it is revealing itself to you by increments– That ROCK!!!!!!! Wow.
    —such spirits in this place—Magnificent! So “You”!
    I concur with the others; music/soundtrack not necessary–watching you (& listening) is very soothing.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one, going from project to project and back again…

    And That ROCKKKKK!!!!
    (I can just imagine how your heart was beating, how wide your eyes got when you spied it!!)

  8. cednie

    The flux is so amazing… the face appears, the exact right fringe appears, the squash disappears… every day magic! My potatoes are gone, all sprouted. We don’t have a good place to store them. I have 3 Red Kuri squash and one butternut left. We will have one on Sunday, stuffed. I love the rock face so much. I’ve been making a practice of seeing the faces in the tree trunks. Someday I will draw them.

  9. Deb VZ

    I enjoyed this video so much, especially the explanation of the fringe and its source. I’ve been trying to figure out how you create your fringe for quite some time and have searched “fringe” within the tutorials. Mystery solved…silk scarfs!!! The “Keeper” and how it brings story to your home…I love that idea. I have a small tree spirit that I created in clay in my yard but to find something organic is beyond cool. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Fumiko

    Dear Jude,
    You are a force of nature. I love watching you work and listening to your voice. Thank you!
    The surveyor is grand. I’m very glad to know he is watching over you.
    Ps. Why did I think the glue stitch was a thread between the layers? When I thought I was doing it, the stitches were invisible from both sides. Thank you for showing the back.

  11. Laura

    Your Keeper of the Higher Ground looks serious in its business! That’s a great photo.
    Would you be interested in showing us a short little video of you weaving some day? I feel a
    little uncomfortable asking, because you’ve been so generous already. I love your videos.
    Thank you.

  12. Your rock guardian is superb! I see faces everywhere myself but sometimes the lighting is different and they are hiding. What a lovely surprise to happen upon her/him at just the right time.
    Also enjoyed watching you stitch and listening to your soothing voice.

    • jude

      yes, lighting too. maybe seasonal shift brought it out. I like to think of folks listening… there’s something soothing in knowing too.

  13. I just love you! I save all your entries to watch over and over as they somehow calm my anxieties and encourage me to stitch. I am so amazed how your willingness to share your gift has helped so many people in ways we couldn’t understand, but nonetheless, we all are better for it. Thank you for all your stitching lessons as well as the photos of everything. Sometimes at mass, I will be reminded of you and I offer prayers for you, prayers of thanksgiving and for blessings, peace be with you.

  14. Wendy

    Love the rock guardian! He is magnificent ♥️ the sound over on the video was fine. I’m so inspired by this piece that I’m off to do one for spring here.

  15. Sue B

    It seems like the rock is in conversation with the trees. I find the quietness of your videos and your stitching very peaceful.

    • jude

      what a surprise, looking right back at me.
      potatoes almost ready, cut them up and just curing for a few days.
      I might try leeks this year.
      Silence is like a space you can fill in yourself… another layer.

  16. I have seen garden shows that add a figure like the one in the rocks to make it look like it is coming out of the ground and looking over the garden. I saw one that made hers out of clay and added mosses as a finishing. So a big green hairy guy. We all need guardians from the earth to help us.

  17. janstar17

    That face! Maybe it just now opened its eyes. I had a similar experience with a dead tree on our property here in NM — I love the tree. But I was approaching it from the side I am normally walking away from it and saw a face in a burl. It stopped me in my tracks.

    Personally, I enjoy the silences in the videos you create. It seems respectful. Thank you for sharing so much with the world.

  18. The Keeper has bided its time …

    As for the video, the audio overlay was very effective … I personally enjoy the quiet as you stitch and fear that adding music could interfere with those moments when you speak

  19. Interesting for my eye to see how that extra bit with the fringe, once stitched on, looks so right, like it needed to be there … to hold what’s above? I don’t know, of course, but it now feels like that place on the piece was just waiting for the added bit to come along.

    • jude

      To compose to me is really to make peace with what you see, so in a way we might be choosing with some invisible path to that

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