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Revisiting the Old Nest

Fog is like an old friend

There is fog here. After a lot of rain. And now a bit of winter moving in. It is grey and dark.  And the man is still sleeping. It looks dull but you can feel the season vibrating beneath the surface.

I think Mom gave me this basket,

I am sorting through this old basket of scrap. It's big, this basket, and stuff gets tossed in when I need to tidy up.  It is a cloth/thread nest.  Bugs get in and so does dampness and dust. It's a musty mess from the beginning of cloth making time.  I sneezed when I opened it.

After a while, thing sure do get mixed up. In a way this is a pile of experience.

Some larger pieces, but mostly it is tiny stuff.  A basket of small to tiny scraps of thread and fabric.  And probably a lot of memories.

This is me. Being totally ok with a Pile of Scrap. I recall.

This old picture.  From the beginning.

I envision the perfect homeJust piles of scrap.  Here, There, Everywhere.  Places to rest. Nothing more.  No plans. Cloth and Thread nests.


I am about to go back, starting with SpiritCloth 101Reconsidering what was said and what I might now have to say. This will generate a set of new pages here that I can use to remove old classes from Typepad and bring them here to WordPress. In new form.   A lot of this will just happen in the background.  Sometimes it might seem I am not here. But I am.

so much time has passed


  1. Mary aka ma su ke

    fiberscrap is a word, a thing, and a verb. I use it and
    do it, making something to be worn, beginning again.

  2. Sharon Koch

    oooh… just read the bit about your mom giving you this basket. a womb of new beginnings. tiny snippets of a story, many stories, waiting to be joined together. reconsiderings. o happy day! x

  3. Judy

    I have a scrap and thread bits nest too just didn’t know anyone else did! I know that if Jude has one, then it’s okay! Jude you are such an inspiration in so many ways. I’m so thankful to have access to the information you so kindly share.

  4. Vicki L Hollander

    As a beginner in a seniors body grateful of your return to spirit cloth to take a look…with weariness, meds, age on my plate…grateful for your eyes, experience re-looking…
    Beautiful…the holding of the grays…the gleanings of your fields…the generosity of sharing these seeds…and fruits…

  5. janstevenson

    nice to see captions again. . .this year I feel like even those scraps that have been hanging around for a long time might be refreshed or reinvigorated somehow. you’re still creating chick. wet snow here and some shade of foggy-white sky. I’m too lazy to try to name it. but gray- – -oh blue heron kind of color.

  6. cednie

    I am grateful you are here. And thank you for all your work preserving old classes. It must be tedious. I want to dye with acorns this year – supposed to give nice grays!

    • Actually, I might have you both beat. I have an old chest (48″ x 18″ x 24″) packed so full of scraps that I need to weight the lid to keep it closed, plus a couple of good sized drawers full. Not sure I’d say I won, though. It’s part of the reason I’m here–to figure out a way to make sense of putting them together in a cloth (probably several cloths).

  7. I like this. the nest of scrap, plus the uninvited guests. we’re all in it together.
    …and birds used to pick up bits of dried pulp at my old place. I’d find them in nests. that and my mare’s hair. mine, too. fiber to humus. stardust.

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