BEGIN-Spirit Cloth 101

Start Somewhere

A Sampler

A beginner's work on your own course based on a previous workshop.  Designed specifically for those who have never taken any classes or workshops from me before, because some content is repeated from other classes.  Featuring a lot of the basic hand stitching and cloth construction techniques I call the Spirit Cloth style.  A little bit of everything, an overview of my philosophy and style complied from other workshops. Includes simple design ideas and project examples to get you started.  Suitable for an art or craft approach.  Simple.  Easy to follow, using the sampler approach as a learning tool.  Slow and easy.  No special experience necessary.  Focused on hand stitching. Simple supplies.  Audio, Video, PDF.   I am in the process of converting the audio to another format.  If you do not see the audio player in the posts, email me.

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