jude hill spirit cloth

Before Names


Back to counting.  Large cloth #4. To go back to when there was no Naming.

I placed this over the cloth called  Grow because it was still on the Wall and gives this other cloth a sense of scale .  A long cloth I will now call Remember. In sympathy with Grow, now, I will let it become larger.



A sense of Direction

This cloth is so old.  But feels so present at the Moment.

It is one of the first cloths I called Long Cloth. A PathWork. And because it is partially cloth woven, it reminds me of a weaving format in it's long form and I suppose my first thought today is that it might simply celebrate weaving. Celebrate cloth and that might be my theme going forward.  The Spirit of Cloth.

It is quite possible that I may meet my old weaving self with the continuing on this one.

I began this one back in 2010. If I remember correctly.

One question I asked myself ( again) today. When does small become large?  And I guess it is a matter of perspective.






The Spirit Cloth blog was password protected for awhile, some things removed, like the little spinning globe which was causing an issue.  Everyday it is something else over there, but it is open again for now.  I will move the PlaceKeeper and other stuff to here.


Another snowstorm headed this way for tomorrow.


  1. Gwen

    Perspective and location-the long cloth center brings up Haida art to me, the black horizontals trying to burst out to the four corners, but the centre square keeping control–for now.

  2. Sharon Koch

    when the energy stored within an “old” cloth connects with where we are “now”, the illusion of time seems to fall away… irregular, but structured, also has a sense of timelessness about it. your cloth weaving makes me want to dance.

  3. Pam S.

    I hope you get some use out of “Kindred Spirits” quilt during the snow storms. The new type of wool batting I used isn’t itch or heavy. I really enjoyed hand quilting it. Your woven long piece reminds me of Native American baskets! 💙💙💙

  4. Jen NyBlom

    This one has a very American Southwest/Native American/Ancient Anasazi feel to it. I like it. It has a lot to say…At first glance; a spare design, but at second look; you are drawn in… It will be interesting to see what Magic it grows.

  5. the red center pulls me in, holds my eye … and I appreciate how it is somewhat irregular but still very structured … this is the kind of balance that keeps me looking … the kind of balance I am seeking to achieve in my own work

    • jude

      You know, I have been thinking about that kind of balance a lot. It brings me to a quiet place where hardly any words seem to form. I want to say something that I sense about it but can never find how. But I am working on it by revisting my drawing days. And words will come eventually.

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