jude hill spirit cloth

Deep Winter

Just two dears


They are cold and hungry.

The picture taken right before it began snowing. Again.



Waves of emotion

It's deep winter.  Deeper than I remember. I did a bit of stitching on the little storm piece that will probably end up as a bookmat.  Actually it already has a resting place between pages. I feel like talking even though I need to haul some wood. I talk to myself when I am doing chores, my words develop.

Click the audio first and then click the pic (opens in a separate tab) to see better.

Talking, or trying...stormy



The Spirit Cloth blog has been password protected for a while. Things went all wacky there. I think I've been hacked.


  1. Jenny Rolfe

    Hi Jude, with this new provider you’re using, I’m able for the first time to listen to you and still see the cloth you’re discussing. So a definite win for me! Love your waves btw.

  2. Dakotah

    Some snow, more rain and single digit temps on the way here. It’s going to settle in for some time and we are hunkering down. Winters aren’t so pretty here. I’m seeing a lot of cold kitties in the future. If they would all get along they’d be warmer. Oh well. Your stray looks cozy. ☮️💟

  3. Grazzia

    Reflexiono en su invierno, lo describen perfectamente y, … mientras tanto… yo aquí en el trópico, con un agradable sol y buena temperatura. Mi gratitud por este clima, por disfrutar el ruido de las olas del océano Pacifico y con la aguja y el hilo poder sumirme en mi interior.

  4. Sharon Koch

    thinking about how the “two dears” fills me with joy and hope. one deer, all alone, would’ve felt sad. there’s comfort in company, especially in storms… thanks for that, jude ‘n ragmates. x

  5. cednie

    Spurts of snow flurries here today…and it is dark. Hibernating is warranted, I guess. I finished two small projects and I have no gusto to start another right now.

  6. Jen NyBlom

    Love this little stray, somehow weathering and relishing the storm at the same time!
    Yes, hibernating. sigh.
    It’s what I always want to do in February (our shared birthday month, Jude!!)
    Gloomy here & grey, cold without the romance of the snowy woods and dear deer!
    today, I am machine sewing masks <>…but at least the fabric is pretty.
    Glad you are not depressed!

  7. Oh, okay…it took me reading through all of the comments to see what was going on on the right side (waves, cloth, what you’d said). This new place is forcing me to have new eyes myself by looking for the wider view, discerning between the white and the pale peach…I may need those glasses sooner than I think! Ha.
    I like how this self is giving itself a hug. Be warm, be well.

  8. Gwen

    we have 3-6 deer around us and have had a very “balmy” winter until yesterday..Now we have Manitoba winter–26C. feels like -26C tonight, feels like -39C. Our high for Monday is to be -27C! Wonderful sun-dogs! Get out the flannel!

  9. Helen

    Love this….the cloth and the deer. Quiet here too. Love hibernating. The icicles reminded me of some wonderful ones you stitched a long time ago.

  10. Jayne

    your heading “two cold dears” made me think of you and the Man. Hah. of course you meant “two cold deers” and how a simple change in spelling conjours vastly different connotations for us to mull over. we “two cold dears” are about to set off on a long car journey from Niagara to Nova Scotia for the big permanent retirement move to the cabin … me 62, he 67 … right in the middle of this noreaster snow storm. shipping container going tomorrow, we with our little tow along trailer stuffed to the gills following thereafter. food – check, clothes – check, baskets and fabric – check. ok lets go. the adventure begins.

  11. Laura

    S/he has a fine furry fuzzy feathery face. Stitching and cloth perfectly fine.
    The deer look so young. Siblings?
    Yesterday, I was wondering where they rest and warm themselves?

    • jude

      yes, 2 younger females. grooming each other under a pine tree. I suppose they find shelter too bad they don’t feel comfortable under the porch.

  12. Julie

    Really love this cloud being. Puts me in mind of The Floating World. It feels like deep winter here in the UK as well. We’ve not got snow yet but it’s forecast for the weekend. My energy is low. My spirits need raising and I’ve resolved to bake a cake. Love baking and eating cake and I think this is the strategy I’m going to adopt to get through February. I’ve been turning the collar on my husbands favourite and worn out shirt, as a Valentine gift. I remember my grandmother turning collars but this is the first one I’ve done. I’ve had to mend some holes, Kantha style, on what will now be the reverse. I think I’ll change all the buttons for different coloured ones too. I hope you have a cozy weekend Jude xx

  13. snicklefritzin43

    The “bookmat” is grand…so many small, important buts to pull the eye to rest a while and just be with it…thank you, Snow in the valley light yesterday, a bit more today and more predicted to arrive with a push of Arctic air. snow is shoveled for now but will need attention throughout the days ahead…..good exercise, warming and fulfilling…then in to knit a while more on a new scarf. Winter pushes me into more time for thoughts to run around in my head.
    May those two dear deer find some nourishment in the snowy landscape.

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