jude hill spirit cloth

Just A bit of fresh air

OK.  The Open Air Ritual.  The Nest of Days cloth is outside. Breathing fresh air.  It's going to smell so good.

When I draped it over the stone wall, well I thought this can be a design wall. When it is warm enough.

I'm here now, ready to begin again.

Just talking a bit, moving

adjusting to a "new home".  I think I will settle in for a bit of snow,  update a few things here and  February will be  back to Just Going.  I feel lighter with the ease of posting here. Ok.

I'm laughing, in the back of my mind I just know stuff can go wrong here too.  But Hey Ho! Probably it will be, at least, new stuff.


  1. Carol Rookstool

    I am so thrilled to catch up with your stitching and your settling in!!! Is there any way to turn up the volume on your comments? I am at the max setting on my speakers but still unable to hear your thoughts. The unfolding of the big quilts is a great adventure for me. They are inspirational.

  2. Julie

    This all looks good Jude, so ‘Bright and Breezy’, I feel invigorated just looking at this wonderful image. And it’s good to hear you again. Where exactly are we now . . . WordPress? You are inspiring me to dip a toe into the world of interweb blogging/journaling. I think it might happen this year. Thank you for Just Going and Going xx

  3. Good luck, Jude, and my best wishes for your changeover. It’s summer here now and we have just had snowfalls on the mountains I see from my home in Oxford, NZ. Such a lovely day to refresh the quilt!

  4. Again, that cloth, tree & sky photo- gorgeous. You are so flexible, now I’m thinking of Gumby… and remembering when Dad built a rock wall behind our house.

  5. Sue McQuade

    Nothing like the scent of fresh air on cloth! Makes me think of those days when I would help my Mom “hang wash” outside our kitchen door.

  6. Carol

    What a beautiful way to give your creations some fresh air. They look very much at home outside with snow and Winter as a back drop!

      • Caro

        I really like finding you here since i am still on break from the big internet happening….and very happy to read now that you forgot to enable comments. Tryed to find a way last night and gave up.
        Clicked on ” open air ritual” and it really spoke to my heart!
        I can just smell that stunning winter cloth. My laundry is hanging in the cold winter air ( it snowed quite a bit) to pre dry. The job gets completed in the house and the smell surrounds me there.
        Thank you for continuing

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