Feel Free

Nest of Days off the Wall

This is a test post really, or a transition from my Spirit Cloth Blog. I cannot seem to post media over there, so I think I will begin to blog here. Maybe one place will be easier anyway.

I am now continuing from here.

And talking... hopefully...

I hope you can listen and comment and that all looks ok.


  1. Jen

    The breathing cloth made me wonder whether you ever leave bits of fabric or thread out for birds to use as nesting materials. I can just see them flitting around collecting bits for their spring nests. I used to toss my “too short to use” floss bits off the deck, thinking maybe some resourceful bird would come upon them. Recycling at it’s finest.

  2. Vickie Kosarik

    Isn’t the sunshine an amazing lifter of Spirits? So happy to follow you hear and find kindred spirits and a respite from all the noise of the world. Thank you for putting you and your work out here for us all to see and appreciate!

just share what moves through you...