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Nest of Days off the Wall

This is a test post really, or a transition from my Spirit Cloth Blog. I cannot seem to post media over there, so I think I will begin to blog here. Maybe one place will be easier anyway.

I am now continuing from here.

And talking... hopefully...

I hope you can listen and comment and that all looks ok.


  1. Jen

    The breathing cloth made me wonder whether you ever leave bits of fabric or thread out for birds to use as nesting materials. I can just see them flitting around collecting bits for their spring nests. I used to toss my “too short to use” floss bits off the deck, thinking maybe some resourceful bird would come upon them. Recycling at it’s finest.

  2. Vickie Kosarik

    Isn’t the sunshine an amazing lifter of Spirits? So happy to follow you hear and find kindred spirits and a respite from all the noise of the world. Thank you for putting you and your work out here for us all to see and appreciate!

  3. Marti

    Well here we all are again. As always, your voice carries so much; your photos inspire and comfort. The largest cloth that I have ever made is the one I call Kokopelli and it is about 3 ft by 4 ft. Recently I took it down and put it outiside, hanging from one of our pear trees and w ouldn’t you know, a light snow fell, enough to dapple the tree branches and slide here and there on the cloth- felt like a ritual of cleasning, so important in this new year of hope and possibilities:

    As an aside, I left this comment on the Spirit Cloth blog:

    Fond memories of being welcomed here. It is all good, this evolution because what was found here, cloth community, knowledge, encouragement, caring, sharing, laughter has forever been a gift, a memory keeper, and it follows now onto your Feel Free Blog.

  4. amaranda de jong

    Kudos for perseverance Jude ! Also better for me as seem to be able to reply here but not on the other. Thanks for everything you do to keep the flame of creativity burning X

  5. Alison Jory

    Thank you Jude for all the holding in so many different ways. I love the moving from complexity to a simplicity which holds the depth of what went before.

  6. Meli

    I heard your voice clearly. My path has taken a turn to working in small spaces, the size of a piece of cloth doesn’t determine how loudly it speaks to me or the gravity that pulls me to it. I am finding joy in small, slow cloth. Maybe it has to do with how “big” my life’s been since 2013. Big transitions, big, tangled emotional forests to navigate. Moving from ocean fog to barren desert; and losses, so many losses. To be able to hold in my hands the texture, colors, shape of a defined creation where I know the edges, the depth, the length & direction of the stitches; it’s comforting to me. And somehow, something so small holds me.
    I will definitely be a frequent visitor at your new gathering place.

  7. Fumiko Wellington

    Thank you, Jude. It’s good to hear you. I love to hear your voice as much as I love your writing and your work.

  8. Dakotah

    The recording doesn’t cut off here. Yay!!!
    Listening to your words, this cloth became a person for me. I like that. 👍🏻😽

  9. jillayne

    Looks good, sounds good… here or there. we’ll all go together so whatever works best works. Listening to you speak of your love for cloth was interesting; I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember, before abc even, but I couldn’t tell you why in a sentence… I just do. There is such a versatility to it, the scope of cloth is vast, it encompasses so much and there is an endless fascination with all of it’s possibilities – maybe it’s because it is the ultimate “possibilitarian”?

  10. This space works great! I’m with you…move forward. Love the little colorful, moon, bird patches in with the larger ones and even pink velvet…it must feel good!

  11. Sharon Koch

    the larger pics ‘n distinct sound make it seem like you’re right HERE on this rainy california evening. just so NICE…

  12. Carol

    Cloth is a memory in fabric. Connecting to the love and care given to putting together a larger cloth has real meaning! This post is crystal clear in terms of the pictures and also the sound. Live with your reconnection and see where it takes you!

  13. Love having you here talking to me as I knit on my sofa, in wild West Wales UK on a dark and blowy winters night…and looking at you holding that cloth. I had a cotton comfort blanket as a baby until I was 11 and so I totally get the story of the cloth and it’s layers of meaning and textures, smells… it’s journeys and how we share them. I’m way over here and I feel such a connection to you and your sacred cloth! Thank you Jude for being you knowing what to do and reaching out to us all x 🌈✨🙏

  14. Jackie Batman

    This is just lovely Jude. Thank you. I love holding and just being with something I have made in the past. Sometimes it is so intimate, other times there is not much and I know it is time to let it go, finished or not.

  15. Wendy

    So good to hear your voice. Love seeing you hold the cloth and reconnecting with it. I’m going to try this as well. Have a blessed evening Jude.

  16. Kristin Freeman

    Loved hearing your voice, thoughts and story of cloths and coming to this place for connection with your community. It’s a great place to be👏👏👏💖💖

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