patchwork actually in perspective #1

2/22/22 Hey look it's all 2s!

I put the audio here again.

So yes,  I will try this.  (from this post)  Maybe 9 times (ways).  If I can make some time.  For now, not too big.

It is possible to easily make patchwork from any drawing, especially one with straight(ish) lines.

a drawing in perspectiveI could just draw this again on any sized paper.   Like this exactly or just a fresh drawing.

I think this time,  when time seems short,  I will just enlarge the drawing and print it out.  Let me start there.

So I did that.


cut to make templates

cutting the drawing



A few notes about the template/ pattern making. template


drawing and cloth


What happened. ( took weeks) , no time for showing the stitching.

I am working with a very thin muslin. For the white

And a beautiful handwoven shot cotton. For the black.

Which looks sort of grey, white woven through black.   And my mind, for a moment wanders to weaving.


paper piecing here.



just showing.

For scale and feel.

And a few words that come as they do. Or not.


One thing leads to another

Just Going, can just be thinking sometimes.  Or imagining.   9 ways is a lot.  What if I keep going now? No matter how long it takes?

#1 continued

click to see what happened next


  1. Carmel

    I’m having a fiddle with the perspective nine patch. I made the patch 9″ x 9″ and have managed to do the top one in a nine patch too. I’m paper piecing it, so fiddle plus here!

  2. jeri

    I’m constantly wandering around clicking on this and that and often times I have 15 to 20 of your tabs going at once on my browser! It’s always a pleasant surprise when I come across something new and that happens often (or new to me at the moment). I save my wanderings for just before I fall asleep and dream of all the wonderful things I’ve seen. Thank you!

  3. love the hand woven shot cotton for the black and the thin muslin for the white, the subtlety of the edges in the seamed lines, the sense of going in the drawing and how your stitching and use of materials takes you there from this perspective

  4. I’ve watched that paperless piecing video many times. That’s how I started making squares. At some point, I decided to hem the squares separately and join them later, so I don’t get the flaps involved. Strip weaving might be an interesting variation to manage the little pieces of the nine-patches.

  5. Helen Lee

    As I was listening, I remembered a technique you showed some years ago…I don’t remember which class…where you sewed a seam on a whole piece of cloth, then cut it so it looked like it had been pieced. I remember that it worked a treat when I tried it.
    This piece is very seductive.

  6. CJ

    The paper piecing refresher quite helpful especially tackling the star. I forgot bits of your technique. I want to take off on the this road, any road. Anxious to try my own.

    • jude

      ha, didn’t think anyone would find this beginning, was just trying a project page, to see if anyone was wandering around. I have been looking at it all cut up, some pieces will be kinda tiny so I will try it fully pieced just to test my skill.

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