Patchwork actually in perspective #1 continued

Forever Diaries Post #13

A way to focus

Continued from here.

I had a thoughtjust  frame  it.  Another method to look.  Framing is another kind of perspective, it can change things.  Framing can even change the the story.  Framing creates context. Sets a scene.

The frame of mind series is very important to me, my path. I feel more comfortable here in the Zone, talking about it.

So much to say,

Let me talk...



forever framed by thought

And here it is,  Patchwork actually in Perspective #1, framed again by a deep pool of thought.  I will let it rest here for a while.   Maybe try another version in the mean time.  I am thinking, in perspective, whatever we do at any moment contains all we have been and then suddenly more.


  1. Concept…or story. A framework around making…sometimes purpose. Another perspective, viewpoints… Just a little thinking out loud. 🙂

  2. You made me think about “frame”, thank you, Jude <3
    I have always been surprised about the effect of a frame, even just adding a framing line around a drawing/painting will make it stand out more.
    Even about the frame of my life, what happens if there is no frame, what is my frame. Well, these thoughts will keep me busy for awhile.

    I love these last lines of your post, they're beautiful.
    "whatever we do at any moment contains all we have been and then suddenly more".

  3. sharon

    the simple white frame with a window in the center would look lovely suspended outside, like a mobile. as one walked by, the middle view would continually change.

  4. Kathy

    When I was working on hearts, I cut out a paper heart shaped window. I used it to look through my stash to find just the right piece for an applique. Now that I am trying paper collage, I cut 2 L-shaped pieces of card stock to find a section to use. Very much like computer cropping because I can expand in any direction. It is a new way of seeing.

  5. Beth from Still Life Pond

    I really like this. It’s almost more supported and held than framed. I can imagine the lines continuing this way.

  6. Frameworks can provide clarity. I used to love a related exercise I would to with the forth grade art class. Give them all a copy of an artwork and have them make a small frame. Then move the frame around the art and pick a framed area to copy. The results were always fun, creative and wonderful. An exercise in “what do you see?”.
    Thanks for reminding me.

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