jude hill spirit cloth

Open Edges

O is for Open Edges
Mostly. As it pertains to collage patching, the habit I have acquired of tacking the center portion and leaving the edges open.
As I put it: here
If there is one thing I have learned over the years,
it is to leave your edges open,
because form evolves.

In the context of layers,  the natural build up of layers in collage type work is a covering up process, but I love interrupting that  by inserting  pieces in between.  It sort of gives the moments in between a second chance. Allows me to consider the time between this and that, as another space to play with.  Time travel so to speak.

I have the habit of running my fingers around patches checking for openings that might be needing stitch to hold everything down, because I often forget which ones I left unlocked.  Many new forms have been born there.