jude hill spirit cloth

Open Air Ritual

O is for that. Open Air Ritual
From November 7, 2006. when I wrote:
I always place my cloths in natural settings from time to time to make sure they are in harmony with the seasons and the surroundings. This gives me a fresh perspective and time to think, and of course it gets me off my chair and out into the fresh air.

So since my gifts take generally 6 months to a year to complete I take them out to the woods or the sea every so often, and I shake them and hang them around and adjust my colors and stitches and shapes to reflect the time of their birthing. In this way the cloth’s design comes to reflect the the time it took to make. The longer the project takes the more wise it becomes… and to me it is more of a gift. This is a personal method that keeps me from rushing and always thinking about finishing. It creates patience in my heart and allows me to let the project find its own end.
I was working on the Listen to The River cloth back then.