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Considering Weave

C is for Considering Weave
An online class hosted way back in June of 2014.
Original workshop description:
This session of What if Dairies will follow my day to day creative flow. As I focus on weave. Weave as weave, weave and it’s relationship to sewing, weave as a symbol. This is what I do. I pick something and think about it a lot and talk about that and make up a bunch of small studies and eventually my results end up as components in my work. Weaving and sewing are related in my world. This is not a classic weaving course. Although it will cover some basics of the process with the aim of presenting what weave is, as a structure. This is a free form investigation and you might follow along and participate or not.
I am never sure where these small journeys will take me, I just go… however it happens.

5/27/23 I am in the process of moving the content of this class to this site as I Reconsider Weave.