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A is for Art.  I put Art here. Just because it will eventually become a conversation.  Maybe I’ll need your feedback to define it.  You in?

Way back, I said…

Art might simply be the awareness of how we might create self. That we do. What happens, and then, what we do about it. The story. And the expression of that.

8/5/22  Over the years, I have grappled with the word Art.  The concept of Art.  The use of Art.  Art as a thing.  I have often been frustrated with the romantic approach to Art.  It’s exclusivity  in terms of community.   Although many might disagree.

But now I can explain, I think, how I feel.

Art is not the contest that reaps the title artist, the attention, reward and fame and inclusion, so often the goal of the artist, and even the so called not artist.  No, I sense that the role of the artist ( which I will separate from the skilled craftsperson here)  is to give rise (form) to another point of view.  Not to gather approval or agreement  or an army of supporters,  but simply to make the point of view apparent.  As to bring light to the fact that there are many points of view.  For to understand point of view, without judgement will save us from hopelessness (a point of view really, you can change it). Art, then, is a form of kindness.