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Not Seeing

Yesterday, it rained for 20 hours straight without stopping.  I did a lot of cleaning.  A little painting.  I felt a little crazy.

Late in the day I found myself erasing.  I love this kind of digital editing.  In fact, erasing is something I would like to add to the glossary because I have considered it for a while. We are so much a result of what we see, or don't see.  Sometimes it is not a conscious decision.  At least not obviously.  This morning , thinking about believing, how it shapes what we see and don't see.

hey look, it stopped raining...

another jahcard

This card reads

Let's build a fire together...

Suddenly it has to do with seeing.  How we might expand each other's vision and also keep warm.

The sun is coming out, maybe I will go hang Grow on the line and take a pic. We'll See.

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  1. Marilee

    Oh, I love fabric, but paper is almost sacred. Think where the human race would be without paper. Lugging around a bunch on animal skins can get pretty smelly. 😉 And your beasts. They are always so interesting.

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