jude hill spirit cloth

S is for spirit cloth

a large cloth, a spirit cloth, a documentary, a teacher, a blanket, a world. A timekeeper. A journal. An open heart.

I finished quilting G and I thought Getting There.  And I am , if there is a there there.  I did add the words Going and Guess but I will take pictures later.  I have spent a lot of time in this chair over the last few months.  I can say this cloth has officially become a Spirit Cloth.  S could just be for that, without saying.  And a Storycloth, a Story that might be told Someday (I love that word)  when I am no longer here to tell it.  Even without words.  Like the Lion Quilt, this one has become like a tapestry.  It takes a lot of energy for that to happen.  But you sense it when it does.  There is a transfer.  I imagine the the transformation, me into cloth.  I cannot describe it,  the cloth is the only evidence.

This is at the root of my quest.


S is also for Soul-o,  and I will add him to both quilts.  He is a lion and a Soulmate.

In a few days, I will be signing off for the rest of the year.  To remind you, the site will be down between the 24th  and the 31st of December.  And I will be offline  except for some cleanup for this place.   A Forever Zone newsletter will go out before that time.


  1. Carol

    It is with great affection that I send you grandmother hugs. May you find great joy in giving your most magnificent quilt to this new child. I am so grateful to be his grandmother’s ragmate so I can tag along.

  2. Deb VZ

    The image of Soul-O is everything…he reminds me of a dæmon if you are familiar with the Golden Compass – carrying the human’s soul in an animal form which accompany, aid, and comfort their humans.
    Thank you for helping me to see the deeper value in these scraps of fabric that I keep and combine. I don’t know know the story they tell but I know I have a strong need to express it with fabric and thread just the same.
    Wishing you joy and contentment this holiday season. Looking forward to seeing you again in the new year.

  3. jeri

    I always enjoy seeing where people work, it looks so cozy.
    Such a beautiful gift to give with love in each and every stitch.
    Wishing you a peace and joy filled holiday season!

  4. Joan Hinchcliff

    Such a big story within this cloth and I can just see those stories being told and that special feeling being transferred beyond us all.
    Wishing you and yours all the best for the holidays. ❤️

  5. Helen Lee

    Oh Soul-O 🖤🤍🖤🤍
    I love how the feel and weight of cloth changes with stitch…
    Sending Yuletide love from our house to yours ❤❤❤

  6. how cloth surrounds you (another S word) in that image of your stitching chair … I love the well-worn edge of the arm rest … imagine the tales it could tell …

  7. Oh Soul-o…so mysterious. I remember the first time I had that “oh” feeling when something I had pieced together and stitched on became not fragments of something pulled together, but something whole and something more than it was. A gift from you. 🙂

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