jude hill spirit cloth

here comes the sun

maybe. what if lake...


winter sun






The lake with no name is frozen.

But a sense of light returning is in the air.

We approach longer days.


Layers here inspired by Deb this morning.

And I really like this.


Have a nice day.


  1. I remember the glimpses of the water through the trees that winter would reveal at your old house and I am glad that there is another body of water close to you now. It seems right. The stitched sun melds perfectly into the scene.

    • jude

      This lake looks great when the morning sun shines, it is really like a swamp. but the frogs love it, and it is good for skating. I do very much miss the sea, so this helps a lot.
      photo layering reminds me so much of how one thing is part of another.

  2. Vi

    I could keep looking at this for a long, longg, longggg time. It is sheer beauty…and the Maybe- What-If lake is certainly conjuring..
    It sparks off oh, so many things….

  3. Mary Kenesson

    Please make some prints of this image, to offer in the shop. For framing and/or as notecards? It says something to me that makes me feel good.

  4. Judy

    that is so cool! reminds me of the beauty of sundogs that I’ve seen in the sky in winter in Saskatchewan! You made your image which is even better cause you can see it anytime you’d like to. thanks for sharing!

  5. Corinne

    Most beautiful photo and needlework. Anne of Green Gables had a “lake of shining waters”. This makes me feel hopeful in the longer light coming.

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