jude hill spirit cloth

random unravelings

like the edge of more than one thing

I love how, in it's undoing, it holds the scraps of another's undoing.

And how that  might build something unknowable but has a sense of appearing. Form.


Just noticing, I guess, that everything is always disappearing.

And at the same time, in the disappearing, making room for appearing.

Sometimes revelation has nothing to do with what others may have already realized.  Said. Told you even.  It is quite personal. Not a contest to see who got there first.

Learning is so much that.  You have to feel it, suddenly, like a lightening strike.  Apply it. Make it useful.

And learning is not always adding.  It is also taking away.

So then form is dependent on unbuilding.

Our minds are so trained to the "get" factor. Well, I speak for myself maybe. I should do that, I've no right to anything further. Maybe my new Year's Resolution/ Revelation.

Speak for yourself. Don't rely on being understood. What if there is no such thing?

I just keep stitching.   It'll be done when there is no time left.

noting that the question mark is a nice component. The what if symbol.

Rainbow is already in the glossary but I will add one to the quilt.


Yesterday I stitched a Freedom Globe.  Not because it was snowing.  Because I was thinking about being what you want, being with who you want, all being  different  and ok. The beauty in that.

The form it might take.

But then, what if snow wasn't just white? Some questions seem silly.  But they get you thinking.


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  2. Tania

    Dear Jude,
    I love your ramblings, your musings, your philosophiSING, your thought catching and just generally all that you do, think and create!
    Please consider printing a book…. I will buy the first copy.

  3. sharon

    perhaps your what if? book will become a collaboration between you ‘n the little one. a what if? quilt could be fun. imagine the dreams sleeping beneath it…

  4. Nancy

    I’ve said, tried to remind myself over the years, that one cannot force another to have an Ah-Ha moment. I like the way you say it here, because it is true for me too…learning is personal and must come at just the right time for one to receive it.
    “But then, what if snow wasn’t just white? ” – this question has me picturing an ongoing book for the little one…a book of What If, with your thoughts and drawings. Both Cloth and Paper expressions as a gift. xo

  5. Caro

    “And at the same time, in the disappearing, making room for appearing.”
    Thank you for that. Things i thought i figured out (about myself mostly) dissapear, leave me confused but then a new layer appears.
    So many layers to life, so many stitches in that beautiful blanket.

  6. Peggy McG

    This post is one of Wise N Wonderful Words depicting such poignant thoughts . Love them ALL!
    The desert cold snap will break by Monday.. been waking to low 30’s, today it was 27! My inside thermometer read 40. Highs not up to 60! But change is coming! Hard to stitch with cold fingers.

  7. Marti

    Me, I just go quietly into my elder days, sharing when I find something that seeps into my marrow and says, maybe you can give this…staying open because you never know when inspiration or knowledge will make their presence known…following others, well not so much unless there is a sense of connection and even then, we are like snowflakes, all individual, all beautiful, all worthy of being until poof! we vanish but our spirit remains…

  8. Deb VZ

    “Sometimes revelation has nothing to do with what others may have already realized. Said. Told you even. It is quite personal. Not a contest to see who got there first.” So true! I’m adding this to my “shared wisdom” journal as a frequent reminder.

  9. jude

    yeah, just going.
    It’s great that you can grow citrus.
    We got away with a lot of rain this time, next week tho, big snow… piling the wood now, near the door.

  10. Jen

    There are no silly questions, all questions are important. And individual answers…and just going.
    Becuz, really, isn’t that all there is….moving forward?

    Today we’ll move forward with picking as much of the citrus as we can (5 trees worth, ranging in size from 6 to 16 ft tall!)
    It’s gonna freeze before Christmas, ugh. 🥶❄️🎄

    I love that you’ll stitch until there’s no time left 💖
    ( Great metaphor for life!)

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