jude hill spirit cloth


Not even half this storycloth has been quilted .  I worked my way around the edge on both sides.  I reached P for Pumpkin. Good timing.  And M for Mushroom on the far side. There is still a lot of  Just Quilting left here.  Winter work.

stitching, stitching, stitching

only just begun

Only the maple leaves have fallen so far.  Fallen leaves are layered just like a quilt.  Here, the neighbors don't mind that I leave them.  They mostly blow down into the forest as winter rolls on.  This first layer remains , breaking down into soil by spring.  I mulch, cut, twice this year.  Once in early spring before wildflowers began, to discourage ticks.  Once in early fall  to create a layer for the compost and to cut the tall grasses back. I found patches of wild thyme growing among the mosses.  I will  mulch once more after all the leaves have fallen. Spread a blanket on the garden.

But today I will bring Alphabet Soup outside.  To meet October's Blanket.  Which has me asking myself, what if I make a blanket for each month?  A way to give form to the change that might hold us.  Imagine a blanket of leaves.


  1. Carrole

    I can’t imagine doing a quilt a month…but maybe a 6 inch patch….
    A friend has crocheted a blanket with colours to match the temperature range of the day, a line of crochet per day. It is really beautiful.

  2. Suzy

    Your quilt is amazing! It’s Inspiring me to dig out all the old potential pieces and try this different approach to quilting, as you all say….as if! A couple baby quilts with deadline dates.
    Beautiful warm slow fall here in Colodado. Next a stitchwinter. I can’t imagine sewing that quilt all by hand. P is for persistence and can’t forget pleasure.

    • jude

      this one has an awful lot of stitching. I used to make baby quilts just so I would have a gift if I needed one, somehow this one was slower than a slow cloth.

  3. The shadows of your stitches in the first photo are beautiful. Was hoping to finish quilting the woven quilt by holidays, not looking likely. Thinking of the tree & leaf quilt that Janie made us, with the leaf birds.

    • jude

      I only notice how long it takes when I am trying to finish which doesn’t happen often. You made me remember there are leaf birds on magic Cloth 2, now called Spin, I am going to go look at them.

  4. sharon

    could gaze at this abc quilt for hours… the lightness of it feels like it may float thru the air ‘n right out the window. p is for peter pan… ‘n for paul klee. oh sooooo many ways to illustrate this kind of quilt… maybe not even piece letters, or hide them! if it were a wall-hanging, found objects could be attached. or even paper treasures! o jude, this rabbit hole goes on ‘n on… p is for portal!

  5. Still working on my field note blanket, which has become a years long project. It was hard to spin yarn with the drop spindle with the cats. Hoping now that they are older I can get back to it. Either that or have to start spinning yarn outside. And…well I get distracted easily. 🙂

    • Jude

      I really want to make a wool blanket. Maybe woven. But NEED to finish this. Haven’t spun in so long. Missing that suddenly with your words.

  6. Jen

    What an absolutely gorgeous view of Autumn’s splendor!
    We don’t have those Fall colors like you do ( but we retain a good bit of green throughout the year)
    but the Light is low & different — love the idea of a quilt for each month, but I know I’ll probably never get that far 😂 too many projects/ideas as it is! Ha

  7. All of these stitches!!! The way the light hits them announcing This Is A Lot Of Work…A Lot Of Me In Here!! Love it Jude 🙂
    And your trees, leaves, woods bring such peace. Lucky you to bathe in it all.
    A quilt a month sounds like so much to me (not that it wouldn’t be nice of course!!)…but as soon as I read that I thought…Seasonal Quilts. I can imagine the Fall/Autumn one now 🙂

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