jude hill spirit cloth

three things this morning

The shift has taken hold.

Japanese indigo

The Indigo has gone to seed.  I will make some free seed available in early spring.  At this point I have way more than I will need.  It seems to reseed here anyway. At least enough for my use.

Black Strawberry Tomatoes , Baker Creek Seeds, love them but so do the squirrels

A tomato star.  Most of the tomato plants have a weird mold on the leaves.  But fruiting continues. I wish I had a greenhouse.  But I might be able to do a hoop house.  That is more realistic.

Maybe the Freedom to Imagine Flag

This is not new,  But to day I imagine it might become a flag.



  1. Lynn

    Three great pics, Jude….perhaps the Flag could be The Ragmates Flag, for your old friends…?
    I’ve never seen an indigo plant and this one in flower is so pretty. And the Star tomato either…Learning such a lot from you, apart from design… and I’ve never heard of hoop houses! Wonder if they have them in The Land of Oz…?

  2. Wendy

    Such a wonderful cloth for a flag. The indigo flower is so beautiful! I would love some seeds if you do find that you have extra. I’m thinking of getting some walnuts from my husband’s childhood home and making up a dye vat now that they are falling here. Hoping it will over winter in a pot outside? Was thinking of doing a hoop house for my turnip greens this year since we have about twenty bunnies in the yard. Going the diy route to help cut the cost.

    • jude

      yes, the walnut vat can weather a season. YOu need a squirrel proof cover tho…I learned the hard way.
      greens through the winter, that is my goal.

  3. Valerie O

    I make Prayer Flags with my scraps. Just for fun but it is a sort of mind-wandering meditation too. When I have enough I will string them in my garden from the 1965 trailer there to the neighbors wall.. I hope all the neighborhood will catch my goodwill wishes.
    Love you all and all your sharing.

  4. Gosh! Indigo is a pretty flower, too.

    The reverse applique on the flag echoes the star on the tomato. I thought you’d based it on that before I read that it was an old project.

  5. We love our hoophouse. It really gets us through the winter. It can get very warm in there when the sun’s up, even on the coldest day. I like the idea of making some flags for my garden.

      • Jen

        A FLAG!!! 🤩🤩🤩

        ( Maybe powdery mildew on the mater plants? We get that)

        Here too, a shift of season ( leaves changing, some falling, don’t have to mow the grass 5x a week, ha!)

        I’m still cogitating on my flag 🤔😘😘😘😘

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