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take a stitch , and another will follow

My idea of focus is really  beginning to broaden.  I stray further but I accept simply a sense that I will return.   But the Alphabet Quilt needs attention. A whole month has gone by and the end of the year  will be here before we know it,  My sense of time has diminished and it seem all a big blur, allergies are not helping.

Unfortunately a lot of my mornings have been spent blocking stalkers and spam.  There were 772 spam comments caught by WordPress yesterday.  And then 9 I caught myself. And many many new bogus followers. One of these day I will miss something and be hacked, I just feel it.  I wonder what has made me such a target.  Last week I got an email from an old high school friend asking for my phone number so we could chat and catch up.  Good thing the Man here has taught be to check a lot of things before responding to anything.  When hackers get your phone number and your email address, that is not good.  Anyway, web life is getting rather strange.

My intention was to photograph the huge chipmunk tunnel that emerged overnight, but I was so pissed after blocking a bunch of shit on Instagram and WordPress that I stomped the dirt and piled up some rocks for a quick fix. Now that I am calmed down, I will probably just watch what happens in amusement.

I am putting this Forever Zone video here on the blog today.

But I will be continuing behind a firewall on private pages.  This is they way it has to be here, as I have learned when sharing so much of myself openly.  I will be making the Forever Zone available in the shop in October, as a subscription to private pages (now that I have sorted through what I want it to be) , where my teaching and deeper sharing will remain.  It is what it is.

It turned cold,  barely 40 degrees this morning.  I built the first fire.  Potted plants came inside.  It seems a jungle in here.

to the zone


  1. Wendy

    Such beautiful quilting! I so love the ripple effect when hand quilting a cloth. Does this one have batting inside? Or just the front and back cloths? I’ve begun pulling some of my hoarded linen fabric to make a new bed quilt with and was thinking I may do this one without batting inside. Do you have any insight on going without the batting?

    It was 42 here this morning, thinking I may move my plants indoors over the weekend. Maybe the crazies will go away soon. Have a blessed evening.

  2. Jenny

    Dear Jude.
    The quilt is exquisite and is unique. How beautiful. I am so sorry you’ve experienced unpleasantness through online weirdos. What’s up with people?
    Wishing you well and enjoy your Sunday. Best, Jenny kahan. X

  3. That’s a gorgeous photo of Soul-O!

    So far, the only spammers I’ve had thru my blog are people trying to sell something (probably fake knockoffs). Usually their “name” gives them away, and if not, the totally irrelevant comment does. But almost 800!!!! I’d be crabby at more than the poor chipmunks.

    My definition of focus is . . . what’s focus?

    • jude

      he’s handsome.

      it’s all so weird, but really we should be used to it by now I guess, just takes my time away from useful things.

      Focus, I like to build a mind filter to get that to happen, but gee, that will have to be another day, takes time to explain.

  4. Gayle W.

    Jude, this is a voice from the past. My 99-year-old mother is my focus now. Hearing your thread go through cloth and hearing your calm voice is just what I needed. Those have always been two of my favorite sounds! Thank you.

  5. Maria Armstrong

    Hi Jude
    Sorry to hear about all the pressures you have from weirdos out there in the world 🙏😍
    We can’t let them beat us though .. stay positive and happy .
    Big hugs
    Maria 🌷🌝

  6. Kristin

    I’m sorry you have to deal with hachers, but a big thank you for continuing to share a part of your life, your words, and your art. Whenever I turn to your blog, I love finding this place of peace and creativity.

  7. Jen

    Those full of worms just ruin things for everyone
    (I’ve done some stomping and raving lately too…)
    We had 65 here this morning — lovely for about 20 mins, back up to 90 now.
    Ready for cooler weather!!

    Thank you for all you do, Jude, all you share💕💕💕

  8. Juliann

    I lost my car in a parking lot for the first time. It was Hot here. Finally a man saved me. ???? I was pissed off that he felt I needed saving, I was HOT and tired, and by the time I got home I was MAD! So I sat on screened porch and watched the bird antics. After I calmed down, i laughed about whole thing.

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